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Join our Top-Rated Affiliate Program and make a 30% commission on every sale you make...

Important Note: It is important to believe in the products you are going to sell. Please take a moment to look through our catalog and read the supplement facts for each product. You will find a page full of REFERENCES and RESEARCH.

Our pages convert well because our products are validated by scientific research.

From: Brad Chase
Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dear Future Affiliates:

If you have no idea what an affiliate program is, let me quickly explain. Our affiliate program allows you to send visitors to our website with a simple tracking code that is placed in your html.

This link code will keep track of how many people you send to ProgressiveHealth.com and how many of those people made purchases. Its that simple. Here is a testimonial from one of our affiliates:

"Progressivehealth.com is one of our premier partners. We looked for companies that were providing top quality products and what we found were some of the most complete formulations on the market. Our reputation is on the line when we recommend any supplement, so we only partner with the best."

- Joseph Cunningham

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Simply sign up for our affiliate program, get marketing materials, and start sending traffic -- it's that easy! Every time you send us a customer, you earn a 30% referral fee from all qualifying sales. We provide you with the tools and content you need to succeed. There's no easier way to add e-commerce to your site.

We benefit from your success, so we will teach you marketing secrets that will help you generate thousands of dollars in revenues. Here is what you can expect:

  • 15 tips for creating a successful website.
  • Internet vocabulary to help you understand us Geeks.
  • An explanation of Pagerank
  • How to use viral marketing on your website
  • ...and Much, Much More!

Teaming up with ProgressiveHealth.com will ensure future success for you. Click Here to sign up immediately or read on.

Lets face it, there are hundreds - maybe even thousands of affiliate programs that you could join. Many promise the same results we are offering. But, if you have ever joined an affiliate program just to find out that you can't seem to sell their products, you have already learned that:

You can't make money if your traffic does not convert into sales, regardless of the commission rate that is being paid. You have to promote products people want and need.

The products on Progressive Health are sought by hundreds of thousands of individuals every month. Most consumers are naturally skeptical, this is why we provide research for all of our products. On average, we convert 1 out of every 30 visitors into a sale. We invest in our products and websites and you will reap the benefits. Here are a few reasons why our affiliate program is simply the BEST:

We provide multiple reporting tools to help you track sales.
You will earn commissions on all Mail and Fax orders - we are one of the first affiliate programs to offer this.
We will pay you every two weeks allowing you to successfully manage the finances of your business.
Our sales department is always searching for the NEWEST and most effective products to bring to you.
Get Paid more because a large percentage of our customers order more than once.
We have a product for nearly every demographic, giving you more opportunities to earn cash. 
We pay our affiliates generous commissions. 30% of revenues! Payouts are always on time.
Our cookies are valid for 2 years (you get paid for up to 2 years on the same customer).

Joining our affiliate program will get you MORE SALES
and MORE CASH than any other program that is comparable.

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