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Coral Calcium and PH Levels

The health benefits of coral calcium were discovered in 1979. It all started when a British journalist for the Guinness Book of World Records went to Okinawa, Japan to talk to the world’s oldest living human.

The man was 115 at the time and was very healthy as was the other residents of Okinawa. It was discovered that the water of Okinawa was the key to their longevity due to the fact that coral calcium was found in the in the water they were drinking.

It was not only the calcium in the water but also the mineral balance of the water.

Okinawa is formed by coral reefs built up over thousands of years and the rainwater filters down through the coral collecting minerals and other nutrients on its way. This water is not only alkaline with a pH of 8.6, but also resembles the natural mineral composition of the human skeleton and body fluids such as blood plasma and amniotic fluid.

Coral calcium can be used to maintain a good pH level that allows your body to absorb the nutrients it needs and keep you feeling young like the residents of Okinawa.


Acktiva - Helpful for Coral Calcium

Acktiva Coral Calcium includes Vitamin D and trace minerals to help with healthy bones, teeth, and pH levels. Coral calcium is also excellent for the heart, blood pressure, and may work to improve blood lipid levels.

Progressive Health’s coral calcium supplement, Acktiva, provides your body with 2 grams of naturally derived coral calcium. Acktiva not only ensures that your body’s calcium needs are met and maintained, this unique formula also includes a correct ratio of Magnesium and Vitamin D to regulate many other important bodily functions not related to calcium.

Acktiva Coral Calcium is a unique blend of the alkaline minerals calcium and magnesium, as well as other essential trace minerals. An initial study conducted on the same ingredients found in Acktiva showed that the vitamin and mineral blend positively increased blood alkalinity (pH) and buffering capacity.

This finding ensures that your body’s blood alkalinity is maintained, helping to promote and maintain you overall health status.

The ingredients in Acktiva Coral Calcium include:

Coral Calcium- This form of calcium provides your body with 75+ trace minerals which includes yielding calcium and magnesium.

Yielding Calcium- Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body. It is a crucial component that plays a role in these bodily functions:

  • Health and development of teeth and bones. Calcium is very important during childhood, pregnancy, and lactation.
  • May initiate muscle contractions. It is involved in the body's blood clotting process.
  • On the cellular level, calcium is important for the passage of nutrients and wastes through cell membranes. This means calcium is the vehicle to feed your cells with nutrition.
  • Regulates the transmission of nerve pulses.
  • May regulate blood pressure.
  • Studies are now finding calcium promotes a healthly colon in men.
  • May help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.
  • Calcium supplementation promotes health kidney function.
  • Calcium may reduce PMS symptoms.
  • Calcium may help maintain healthy blood pressure in women after their 20th week of pregnancy.

As you can probably see, calcium is crucial to many factors in the body.

Yielding Magnesium - Magnesium is involved in more than 300 enzyme reactions in the body and is necessary for the transmission of nerve pulses. It is extremely important that you supplement the correct ratio of calcium:magnesium = 2:1, Acktiva has this correct ratio.

Vitamin D- This is one of the primary regulators for calcium absorption. Deficiencies of Vitamin D can increase your risk of osteoporosis.

To learn more about Acktiva Coral Calcium, click here.