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Ectopial Questions?

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Find answers to common questions about Ectopial.

Is constipation common?

Constipation is more common that one might expect.  It has been documented that at any given moment, approximately 4 - 5 million Americans suffer from recurrent constipation. [top]

What medical conditions relate to, or are known to influence, the onset of constipation?

Although the chance that constipation is the result of another illness or condition is low, it can occur.  Certain neurological, metabolic, and endocrine conditions have been shown to promote constipation in some patients. Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and certain cancers remain the greatest influences.  These disease-conditions can alter the overall function of the colon, resulting in an abnormal passage of stools and/or constipation.

Can being constipated be dangerous to my overall health?

As always, Progressive Health recommends you contact your health care provider if you suspect any problems or irregularities in your health.  Additionally, constipation lasting for more than a few weeks should always be reported to a physician as it can be an indicator of a more severe, underlying disease.

Constipation is rarely dangerous; though this reassurance won’t do much to ease the discomfort and bothersome symptoms you may be currently experiencing!  There is a very small chance that constipation will affect your general health and progress to a dangerous complication like fecal impaction, or impaction of the bowels
.  An impaction is characterized by a hard fecal mass that has developed as a result of chronic constipation.  The mass cannot be passed and the removal of the impacted stool is necessary to prevent any further complication. [top]

When should I use a laxative?

Laxatives should only be used after all dietary, lifestyle, and nutritional options (including dietary supplements) have been exhausted.  In addition, if your constipation is caused by a medicine you are currently taking, your physician may recommend that you use laxatives. 

There are several laxatives to consider and your physician will be able to determine which is right for your specific need.  If your constipation is accompanied by hard, dry stools, it’s likely that you’ll be advised to take a laxative plus stool softener.  Laxatives promote healthy muscle contractions to move waste through the colon.  The stool softener ensures that fecal matter remains soft and easy to eliminate. [top]

If I decide to order Ectopial, are Progressive Health's products sent discreetly?

Yes; Progressive Health respects your privacy.  All orders will be shipped in a plain, unmarked envelope with a return address from Progressive Health Nutraceuticals Inc. (For more information about our shipping and billing policies, see Shipping and Billing below) [top]

How soon can I expect to see results?

The results derived from Ectopial are dependant on the individual and condition severity.  While a large number of customers yield immediate results, others may see results in only a few short weeks.  Generally, we advise that you use the product continuously, for a minimum of 45 - 60 days. [top]

Are there any side effects when taking Ectopial?

As with all nutritional supplements, there is potential for reaction.   Progressive Health ensures that all potential conflicts and side effects are listed on the product information pages.  However, we strongly recommend consulting with your physician if you suffer from any pre-existing conditions (other than constipation), known allergies, or if you are currently taking any medications.  Based on customer feedback, order history, and regular product overview, there has yet to be a report of any serious side effects resulting from the implementation of Progressive Health products into existing treatment programs. [top]


Ectopial Shipping and Billing Questions

What name will show up on my credit card?

Our company name will appear as: Progressive Health Inc. [top]

What is the average delivery time?

US orders: Please allow 1-5 days for delivery.
Canada and Mexico orders: Please allow 14-21 days for delivery.
Orders outside the USA: Please allow 4-6 weeks for your product to arrive.

Do you ship orders outside the USA?

Yes, although we do not have any distributors in foreign countries, we have successfully shipped to doorsteps around the world! [top]

Do you ship orders to FPO/APO Addresses?

We do ship to FPO and APO addresses. However, our system is very sensitive to the billing address used. If you plan to ship to a location other than your billing address, please note that there is a potential for delay in the ordering process.  For your protection, orders will be held while our customer service center authenticates billing address and confirms the alternative shipping locale.  Orders will not be held for longer than 24 hours.  For state, use the following abbreviations when placing FPO/APO addressed orders:

  • Armed Forces Africa - AE
  • Armed Forces Americas - AA
  • Armed Forces Canada - AE
  • Armed Forces Europe - AE
  • Armed Forces Middle East - AE
  • Armed Forces Pacific - AP


International Shipping Charges & Policies

We ship using United States Airmail for all International orders. International deliveries are subject to further delays, due to standard customs procedures. [top]

What is your return address?

Attn: Progressive Health Returns
22100 E. 26th Ave
Aurora, CO. 80019







According to the National Digestive Disease Information Clearing House, there are an approximated 5 deaths per years from constipation. Learn how our natural constipation remedy can help.