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25 Natural Products to Help with Hair Loss in Men

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Learn about 25 hair loss products for men and find out which ones are effective and the most natural hair loss products.

Natural hair loss products for men can be hit and miss, but much of it depends on the individual.

What works for one person may not work for another. It can have a lot to do with what the cause of the hair loss is as well as just the individual's own resistance or tolerance to certain types of products or ingredients within the products.

The best thing you can do if you are suffering from hair loss problems is to be aware of what is available to treat and prevent your hair loss, as well as begin to reverse the effects and see regrowth.

Natural Hair Loss Products

Hair loss supplements are a popular choice for those who want to fight the hair loss battle internally.

Many users feel taking supplements can restore the body's ability to stop hair loss and start hair regrowth.

Below are some of the most popular sellers with reported results on the market today.

# 1 -- Advecia

Though much of your success with certain types of internal or external hair loss treatments depends on the cause of your hair loss, there are some products that work with greater general success than others.

Advecia has been known for success with multiple causes of hair loss, including adrogenetic alopecia for instance, which is more commonly known as male pattern baldness.

Adveica is an alternative hair loss treatment for this type of loss that is administered orally and contains a combination of some more natural ingredients you may not find in other treatments.

These include:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Saw Palmetto Berries

# 2 -- Provillus

Though this hair loss supplement has been compared to Advecia because it contains some of the same ingredients, Provillus also includes L-Arginine, which is an amino acid that plays a vital role in healthy hair growth.

Also included are Proanthyocyanidins and Procyanidins, which have been proven to affect hair growth.

There is also B-6 and Biotin, which are crucial vitamsin for hair regrowth. Provillus is a popular choice because it is available for both men and women struggling with hair loss issues.

# 3 -- Prolexil

This is a two step treatment that includes both the internal supplement and a topical treatment.

For male sufferers, the focus of this product is to block DHT or prevent testosterone from turning into DHT.

DHT is one of the key culprits known to cause hair to thin out and fall out.

One of the key ingredients to Prolexil is Minoxidil which is a popular ingredient for preventing hair loss and stimulating regrowth.

# 4 -- Hairomega (the product formerly known as Maxahair)

The ingredients in this supplement make many of the others look too simplistic by comparison.

For some users, a powerful punch of just a few of the ingredients known to help with hair loss is plenty.

Others, however, benefit from a supplement that includes many more of the ingredients that help with hair loss.

Hairomega has practically taken every vitamin, nutrient or other well-known ingredient for balding and packed it into their blend.

In addition to most of the items already mentioned in previous supplements, Hairomega includes stinging nettles and quercetin dihydrate, which are DHT inhibitors.

There's also juniper berry, which is known to help manage hair loss.

# 5 -- Profollica

The Profollica approach uses a three part system so that both internal and external methods are used.

There is a shampoo and topical gel to be used for hair growth stimulation and a supplement for the internal battle to diminish the effects of potential hair loss.

The supplement is key for ensuring the new hair growth is strong and healthy to prevent further hair loss.

The oral part of the Profollica system includes Panax Ginseng Roto Extract for hair follicle stimulation and Geinko Biloba for stimulation of the scalp circulation.

Natural Hair Loss Product Shampoos

Hair loss shampoos claim to help promote hair loss prevention and regrowth by starting at the scalp.

Shampoos and topical gels are usually also cited as being responsible for healthier hair follicles.

Many people use external hair loss products in conjunction with internal ones for the most effective approach.

# 6 -- Hair Genesis

Used by both men and women as a method of treatment against DHT, the system includes shampoo, conditioner and a serum so people may see better results from using all three.

The shampoo itself is noted for reportedly having the ability to do away with DHT before it can impact your hair.

# 7 -- Nisim Shampoo

Men and women users have seen faster hair growth from Nisim shampoo.

This product was specially designed to help amp up the rate of speed at which human hair can grow. Much of it has to do with the amino acids and proteins used as ingredients.

# 8 -- Revivogen

This is an all natural shampoo solution to hair loss.

The active ingredients in Revivogen are intended to drastically reduce the speed of hair loss. You will find some similar ingredients in oral supplements such as B6 and Saw Palmetto extract.

# 9 -- Thymuskin

Thymuskin is tailor made to clean and nourish the scalp.

The ingredients come together to work with hair loss by supplying the hair with needed nutrients. Prevent loss and improve regrowth with Thymuskin shampoo.

Natural Hair Loss Products

To get everything you need in one package consider one of the following:

# 10 -- Avacor

Avacor includes four products including a topical solution, natural supplement, thickening serum and a scalp detoxification.

You will find familiar ingredients that are known for prevention and regrowth such as Minoxidil and Saw Palmetto.

# 11 --  Follicare

The Follicare products include a topical spray as well as a revitalizing shampoo. These use eight main hair loss prevention ingredients including five percent Minoxidil.

# 12 -- Scalpmed

A more in depth kit, Scalpmed includes a Cortex Enlarger Thickening Hair Spray and a Detoxifying Cleanser Kit.

Years of research went into designing this package, and many feel the amino acids play a vital role to the success of these products.

Minoxidil Hair Loss Products

Minoxidil alone is one of the most popular ingredients for hair loss prevention products.

# 13 -- Minoxidil for Hair Loss

This is a topical solution that includes the maximum amount of five percent Minoxidil and is for male hair loss sufferers. Continued use over prolonged time is required, but it can be effective and really get results.

# 14 -- Rogaine

The first hair loss prevention product designed using Minoxidil, Rogaine was the pioneer in fighting male pattern baldness.

Still popular and effective today, Rogaine has branched out to offer women's products with the lower two percent Minoxidil.

# 15 -- Rogaine Foam

Designed for men only, this foam is the newest in the Rogaine line of products. Offering less mess and better scent while being as effective as other Rogaine products, the foam is a popular hair loss treatment. 

# 16 -- Natural Hair Loss Herbs

When it comes to finding the latest and greatest in hair loss prevention methods, one cannot overlook the possibility of using hair loss herbs as well.

If you are one of those who are looking for a more natural and holistic approach to treating hair loss and stimulating regrowth, you can use herbs and other natural supplements as part of your regimen.

Use these in addition to a topical treatment and you may be able to increase your chances for optimal results. Some of the most widely accepted herbs for hair loss treatment include:

Aloe Vera

This topical treatment is one that has been a natural remedy for skin irritations since its original discovery.

When used as part of a hair loss prevention treatment system, you may notice the impact it has on your scalp.

This herbal approach towards reversing balding is made possible because of the Aloe Vera plant's ability to protect the scalp and stimulate growth. 

Green Tea

It is believed that green tea may have properties that make it possible to suppress or inhibit the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, which can reduce the risk of male pattern baldness.

This can be an herb introduced to the body by drinking, taking a pill or using topical products that have it as an ingredient.

Saw Palmetto

Good for the body, especially the male prostate, saw palmetto is thought to be able to slow down hair loss and promote regrowth.

This herb seems to have an effect on testosterone, which can be linked to both prostate and hair loss issues.


Rosemary is a powerful herb that is surprisingly effective at slowing the progress of thinning hair. Rosemary can be applied directly to the scalp as a conditioner. Mix rosemary oil with coconut oil and apply it directly to the scalp. Let it sit for about 20 minutes once a week to give your hair the ingredients it needs to prevent hair loss.


Peppermint is a helpful herb because it stimulates hair follicles, improves blood circulation, and helps bind the roots of hair to the scalp. This will help keep more hair on your head at a time. Peppermint can be applied topically or taken internally.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle stimulates hair growth by preventing the hormones that cause hair loss. Most individuals take stinging nettle as a supplement, but you can also drink stinging nettle tea.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is an herb that stimulates circulation on the scalp and increases blood flow to the brain. This stimulates the proper cycle of hair growth, preventing the appearance of thinning hair.


Horsetail is an herb that strengthens hair, bones, and nails. Horsetail is often added to hair conditioners and is commonly taken in supplement form to slow hair loss.


Burdock is another herb that boosts blood circulation to the scalp. Burdock also contains fatty acids that encourage the healthy growth of hair. Burdock can be taken by mouth or rubbed directly onto the scalp as a conditioner.


Lavender is credited with the ability to slow hair loss and boost hair growth. Lavender oil can be applied directly to the scalp as a conditioning treatment or taken in supplement form.


Amla, also called Indian gooseberry, is high in antioxidants. Oxidation can influences hair death and may increase the speed of hair loss. Counteracting the effects with antioxidants will help reduce hair loss.


Basil is high in magnesium, which is essential to healthy hair growth. Basil is also anti-inflammatory, which is beneficial to hair health.


Calendula (AKA marigold) is a plant rich in antioxidants. The herb can be consumed as a tea or applied directly to the scalp where hair is thinning.


Fenugreek is a vitamin-rich herb that improves circulation and boosts hair growth. The herb can be taken internally as a supplement or applied directly to the scalp.


Hibiscus is full of antioxidants that improve blood flow and reduce the risk of hair loss. Hibiscus boosts hair growth and encourages the hair to remain in the growth phase longer before the hair follicles die out.


Soapnuts are a type of plant commonly used to make soap due to their cleaning abilities. Soap nuts can also boost hair health by reducing fungal infections on the scalp and improving circulation in hair follicles.


Thyme is high in magnesium and potassium, which are both essential for hair health. Thyme is also anti-fungal, which can prevent dandruff from forming. Thyme can be taken in supplement form or applied in oil form directly to the scalp where hair loss appears.


Yarrow is an anti-inflammatory herb that is ideal for preventing scalp conditions such as dandruff that can cause hair loss. Yarrow can be taken internally or applied to the scalp directly to slow hair loss.


Yucca is a succulent desert plant native to North America. It is used to nourish the scalp and prevent hair from falling out too early.


Licorice contains nourishing ingredients that are vital to hair health. The herb is particularly effective at reducing infections, clearing allergies, and reducing damage from chemical exposure. Licorice is beneficial for reversing hair loss caused by chemical damage, dye, and stress on the hair.


Parsley is full of vitamins and antioxidants that boost hair health. These ingredients encourage the hair to remain in the growth phase longer and help reduce hair loss.

There are plenty more herbs and Chinese hair loss herbs, and these are just a few of the most popular.

Find out about using any one or combination of the products mentioned here and begin to take control of your hair loss and regrowth management.

The sooner you begin to try to slow down your hair loss and speed up your growth, the earlier you will begin to see possible results.

Natural Hair Loss Products Work!

There are plenty more herbs and Chinese hair loss herbs, and these are just a few of the most popular.

Find out about using any one or combination of the products mentioned here and begin to take control of your hair loss and regrowth management.

The sooner you begin to try to slow down your hair loss and speed up your growth, the earlier you will begin to see possible results.

There are millions of hair loss products on the market, and many of them don't work. It can be hard to weed through all the products that don't work to get to the ones that do work. The products and supplements included in this article have been shown to boost hair health and give your body the tools it needs to grow healthy hair. Try these natural hair loss products today and starting seeing results in just a few weeks.

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Advecia is a natural DHT blocker that has been formulated to restore the appearance of existing hair, while decreasing the psychosocial impact of hair loss.