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February 28, 2014 | 205 Views
Is there one substance that can stop PMS for good? According to recent studies, vitamin D may just be that substance. Learn how vitamin D can help ease PMS symptoms below.

February 28, 2014 | 376 Views
Gelatin has amazing healing properties for bones and skin. Gelatin contains collagen, which can fight wrinkles and make your skin smooth. However, gelatin may also have hidden acne-fighting ingredients. Find out more below....

February 28, 2014 | 232 Views
Eczema is a skin condition, but it has more to do with the inside of your body than the outside. Use these 5 methods to cure your eczema from the inside out.

February 28, 2014 | 188 Views
Calcium is reported as the number one bone-builder, but it turns out, gelatin may be even better. Find out how gelatin can improve the health of your bones as well as help your health in other ways below.

February 28, 2014 | 161 Views
Sports are one of the number one causes for bursitis and other muscle and joint injuries. Many of these injuries occur in "weekend warriors" who exercise more on the weekends and over exert themselves. Avoid sports injuries...

February 28, 2014 | 152 Views
Fibromyalgia is a curious medical condition that medical professionals still do not fully understand. Although there are many possible causes for fibromyalgia, such as viruses, physical abuse, and genetics; some fibromyalgia...

February 28, 2014 | 173 Views
The precise cause of RLS is unknown. Researchers have several theories about the origins of RLS, but until recently, there was no clear link between one cause and RLS. Find out the curious connection between RLS and inflammation...

February 28, 2014 | 166 Views
For decades, saturated fat was the enemy of good health causing high cholesterol, heart disease, and more. However, recent studies have uncovered benefits of saturated fat that could improve your cholesterol levels. Find...

February 17, 2014 | 317 Views
Although some medical intervention may be necessary for depression, some cases can be treated naturally. These natural treatments are as effective as most antidepressants, and can be used in conjunction with antidepressants....

February 17, 2014 | 220 Views
Aczone is a newly approved antibiotic topical gel for the management of acne. While this medication is somewhat effective in treating acne, the side effects may outweigh the benefits. Find out more below.