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PinnoThin™: Given 30 minutes prior to a buffet test lunch, Pinnothin significantly reduced food intake... [Full PDF Article]


Subjects receiving a combination of Citrus aurantium, caffeine and St John's Wort, lost significant amounts of total body weight while on a strict diet and exercise. [Full Article]

Chromium: Preliminary studies have shown that chromium picolinate supplementation results in a reduction of body fat and weight, and an increase in lean body and muscle mass. [Full Article]

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WHO is at Risk?

Obesity Statistics:

Today, being overweight is extremely common. In fact some 64% of Americans are classified as being overweight.

This number is expected to steadily increase as exercise and dietary practices are ignored more with each passing year.


Risk Factors:

Perhaps the most influential factor for one becoming obese is limited exercise, poor diet, and sedentary lifestyle. Other factors include:

  • High glycemic index diet (high sugar foods)

  • Genetic predisposition

  • Eating disorders (i.e. binge eating)

  • Lack of sleep

  • Psychotropic medications

  • Diet cycling, or weight fluctuations caused by inconsistent attempts at dieting

  • Underlying medical conditions (i.e. hypothyroidism)

The Health Implications for Overweight Individuals:

Research indicates that persons classified as overweight (BMI: 25-30) but not obese, may be at a greater risk for the onset of diseases than individuals at an "ideal" weight (BMI: 18.5-25).

Health conditions such as Hypertension, Type II diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Gallbladder disease, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea and other respiratory problems, and possibly some cancers are attributed to excessive body fat/weight.


Finding a Balance:

Becoming healthier is not just about eating healthier foods.

Physical activity is needed for helping to control body weight by balancing the calories you consume and the amount of calories lost, or expended.

Many health experts agree on four points for effective weight loss:

Aim for a healthy weight. Weight loss should be incremental, approximately .5 - 2lbs per week. The most intense weight loss programs can often result in 5-10 pounds lost per week.

Become active: exercise remains the most effective way to lose weight. Moreover, you should aim to have a reduction of total caloric intake with consistent physical activity.

Eat proportioned and balanced meals.

Nutritional supplements and weight loss products have proven extremely effective at speeding up the fat loss process by supplying the body with clinically evaluated nutrients that have been shown to suppress cravings and foster metabolic rate.


WHY Should I Consider Supplements for Losing Weight?


Lipitrex - Weight Loss Supplement:

With its unique formulation of potent botanical extracts, Lipitrex effectively diminishes appetite and increases Your body's natural fat-burning processes. Here's what you can expect:

Suppress Appetite - Pinnothinn

Lipitrex will work to control that nagging appetite with PinnoThin. This natural ingredient, obtained from a special oriental pine tree nut, can help stimulate the release of a hunger-suppressing hormone, so there's less chance you'll feel hungry.

Decrease Fat with CLA Lipitrex will help you decrease fat deposition is those stubborn areas like your abdomen or thighs with CLA.

CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid is a natural fatty acid that interferes with specific enzymes in your body responsible for storing/depositing fats.

Increase Metabolism Ingredients like Bitter Orange and Chromium increase your metabolic rate and help to regulate glucose levels in the blood stream.

This increases the potentiality for fat to burned and promotes a building of lean body mass.

Increase Energy

Lipitrex includes vitamins B-5 and B-6, minerals such as Magnesium, and natural additives like Caffeine, to promote energy and combat stress when trying to lose weight.

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I have to tell you how pleased I am with the results I've received with the Lipitrex product. For years I have had Weight Loss in my ankles, especially my left one. There was no health reason for this and I was sure that it was hormonal.

No doctor would even consider this and when I researched Weight Loss and concluded that I had idiopathic Weight Loss, they didn't want to hear it. I found your website by accident and tried the Lipitrex. Within a week my ankles were back to normal and have remained that way for the most part.

I am so happy that I have finally found something that will help with this problem. Thank you.



I just want to let you know that the supplement (Lipitrex) you sent to help with my swollen ankles and feet has worked really well. I have only been taking it for three days and I can finally see my ankle bones again. Thank you so much!

-Shirley Wolfe



Thanks for such a great product. After I talked to my doctor about my Weight Loss, I decided that I did not need a medication in my case. I took Lipitrex for leg Weight Loss. The swelling went down in a matter of weeks. The product worked great!

-Jason Casey


Our Guarantee

If you do not attain the desired results or you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply return all of your empty and unused bottles of Lipitrex Weight Loss Supplement for a full refund (excluding shipping) within 180 days.

After we have received your returned bottle(s), we will immediately evaluate your account and issue a credit- no questions asked.

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