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18 Tender Points on the Body Linked to Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is often called rheumatic syndrome, it is the soft tissue or muscular rheumatism with widespread pain in the muscles, tendons and other connective tissues. This then results in muscle pain without muscle weakness.

Fibromyalgia does not cause joint deformities like some types of arthritis and rheumatic conditions can do.

In people with fibromyalgia they are exceptionally sensitive to the touch on specific tender places on the body called tender points. There are 18 specific points at 9 bilateral locations on the body that doctors check during examination.

The 18 tender points include:

  • Low Cervical Region: (front neck area) at anterior aspect of the interspaces between the transverse processes of C5-C7.
  • Second Rib: (front chest area) at second costochondral junctions.
  • Occiput: (back of the neck) at suboccipital muscle insertions.
  • Trapezius Muscle: (back shoulder area) at midpoint of the upper border.
  • Supraspinatus Muscle: (shoulder blade area) above the medial border of the scapular spine.
  • Lateral Epicondyle: (elbow area) 2 cm distal to the lateral epicondyle.
  • Gluteal: (rear end) at upper outer quadrant of the buttocks.
  • Greater Trochanter: (rear hip) posterior to the greater trochanteric prominence.
  • Knee: (knee area) at the medial fat pad proximal to the joint line.


Anatrin - Helpful for Fibromyalgia

Anatrin effectively replaces critical nutrients lost by the many physical and psychological stressors, for example people experiencing fatigue accompanied by muscle soreness and tender points, nutritional strategies are critical for lessening the severity of this debilitating syndrome.

With ingredients backed by science and supported by top physicians and experts, Anatrin has been designed to provide the nutritional support needed to address these symptoms. Anatrin has been developed for such a purpose - to lend you self-support, both emotionally and physically, through nutritional supplementation.

When included as part of your dietary modifications, Anatrin can be extremely useful for controlling the symptoms of fatigue accompanied by muscle soreness and tender points.

Anatrin not only addresses primary nutritional needs, it also helps to regulate sleeping patterns and enhance serotonin levels while boosting intracellular ATP. In fact, many top physicians have recognized the benefits of the same ingredients found in Anatrin, as each is backed by extensive scientific study.

The ingredients in Anatrin include:

  • Magnesium - for the resolution of common symptoms.
  • Ascorbigen and Broccoli Powder - Ascorbigen is one of the most common medicinal compounds, called indoles, released when cruciferous vegetables are cooked. These types of indoles can help detoxify the liver.
  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract - for treating functional fatigue and mild cognitive decline. The compounds in this plant have also been shown to increase ATP production.
  • Ginger Root - Extract for minor pain relief.
  • 5-HTP - A number of clinical studies have supported 5-HTP's role in the production of serotonin.
  • Melatonin - is a naturally produced biochemical that is secreted from the pineal gland at the base of the brain, which controls circadian rhythms and plays a major role in sleep cycles.
  • Malic Acid - is a naturally occurring chemical found most notably in apple juice. It helps improve absorption of some nutrients like magnesium, as well working to reduce minor pain and tenderness of pressure points.

To learn more about Anatrin, click here.