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How to Prevent Varicose Veins

You maybe able to prevent varicose veins by doing some of the following suggestions:

  • Elevate your legs when possible, keeping your feet positioned higher than heart level.
  • Exercise daily. Walking, climbing stairs, cycling and swimming keep your calf muscles in motion to activate the calf muscle pump. This reduces pooling and pressure in the veins.
  • Move your legs frequently. Flexing your ankles periodically will pump the blood out of your legs (simulating walking). During periods of prolonged sitting or standing, flex your ankles 10 times and repeat this every 10 minutes. Try to avoid sitting for extended periods throughout your day.
  • Support compression hose. These provide external graduated counter-pressure to aid in venous blood flow to the heart. They reduce pooling and pressure in the veins and may reduce the risk of forming a deep vein blood clot. Consider wearing them during long plane or car rides.
  • Maintain your ideal body weight to reduce excess pressure on your legs.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting and standing. On long car or plane trips activate your calf muscle pump by moving your feet up and down frequently as described above. You should also consider stopping for short walks every few hours.
  • Avoid excessive heat on your legs, such as hot tubs and hot baths. Heat will tend to increase vein distention and lead to more pooling of blood.


Cardiolin - Helpful for Varicose Veins

Cardiolin addresses the healing process by providing the body with nutrients needed for circulatory support.

Cardiolin contains a mixture of clinically evaluated ingredients that lend support to the permeability of blood vessels, as well as the integrity of vein walls.

Additionally, when used in conjunction with exercise, proper diet, and relaxation techniques, Cardiolin may provide a reduction in the diameter of varicose veins without employing costly surgical procedures.

Certain nutrient deficiencies have been shown to promote the onset of varicose veins in both men and women. Cardiolin provides nutritional support for your entire circulatory system; lessening the venous pressure of the legs and increasing the integrity of tissues that support veins.

Cardiolin contains a potent, synergistic blend of botanicals that have been clinically evaluated and shown to promote circulation and diminish the side effects associated with varicose veins.

As the majority of insurance carriers do not cover the cost of cosmetic surgery, Cardiolin can be used as an alternative therapy for managing the symptoms associated with varicose veins and circulatory support, as well as to reduce the unsightly appearance of bulging, discolored veins.

The ingredients in Cardiolin are as follows:

  • Horse Chestnut - affects both the collagen content and architecture of varicose veins and supports normal function of veins. It appears to relieve symptoms of CVI, which sometimes lead to varicose veins.
  • Butcher's Broom - has venotonic properties that reduce venous capacity and pooling of blood in the legs. It also has a protective effect on capillaries, vascular endothelium, and smooth muscle.
  • Gotu Kola - has shown in clinical studies of CVI patients to increase the integrity of the tissue that supports veins, decrease lower leg edema and improve lower leg circulation.
  • Grape Seed - contain proanthocyanidins and procyanadins, which strengthen the connective tissue structure of blood vessels and have antioxidant effects.

To learn more about Cardiolin, click here.