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Viaprene Questions?

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Find answers to common questions about Viaprene.

I have tried many different therapies to cope with my headaches, but nothing seems to work. What can I do?

There are literally 100s of medications and supplements that can help with headaches. If one medication or supplement does not work for you, keep trying other solutions. Clinical research has shown that effective preventative regimens can be found in at least 95% of people who suffer from migraines and other forms of headaches. [top]

What are the risk factors and triggers of migraine headaches?

While no conclusive research is evident, some suggest migraines may run in the family and have a hereditary component. Triggers of migraine headaches may include:

  • Missing meals
  • Drinking alcohol and red wine
  • Eating foods containing MSG, nitrates (such as those found in preserved meat), and aged cheeses
  • Excessive caffeine consumption
  • Menstruation or oral contraceptive use
  • Insomnia or sleep disorders
  • Stress


What medications and traditional treatments are normally used to for migraines?

Migraine drugs fall generally into two categories. Those for acute migraine headaches are considered abortive treatments because they interrupt an attack or episode of migraine headache and are given once the symptoms of a migraine have appeared. The second category is preventive medications, which are taken regularly to keep headaches from occurring.

Abortive Treatments:

  • OTC medications: These include aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen or acetaminophen. Some of these products are combined with aspirin and caffeine. 
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and other analgesics including narcotics and non-narcotics. 
  • Serotonin agonists: (sumatriptan [Imitrex], zolmitriptan [Zomig], naratriptan [Amerge], rizatriptan [Maxalt]), almotriptan [Axert], eletriptan [Relpex] and frovatriptan [Frova]). Treximet is a combination pill containing both sumatriptan and naproxen. The '"triptan" medications cause vasoconstriction and are therefore contraindicated in people who have uncontrolled high blood pressure, angina pectoris (chest pain due to clogged arteries), heart attack, stroke or basilar migraine.
  • Vasoconstrictors: (ergotamine [Migranal], Cafergot [ergotamine/caffeine]): Useful in the painful dilation stage of a migraine.

Preventive medications:

The daily preventive medications prescribed for migraine headache include:

  • Tricyclic anti-depressants (such as amitriptyline)
  • Beta-blockers (propranolol or timolol) 
  • Calcium channel blockers (verapamil) 
  • Anti-convulsants (Depakote, also known as divalproex sodium; Topamax, or topiramate; Neurontin, or gabapentin)
  • Alternative treatments (vitamin B2, magnesium)
  • Vasodilators (methysergide maleate, or Sansert)
  • Hormone therapy (for women with menstrual migraine)



Viaprene Shipping and Billing Questions

What name will show up on my credit card?

Our company name will appear as: Progressive Health Inc. [top]

Are your products in any stores?

Our products are not available in stores but can be purchased online at www.progressivehealth.com or by calling us at: 888-482-6460. Although we do not have any distributors in foreign countries (with the exception of the UK), we have successfully shipped to doorsteps around the world. [top]

How much is shipping in the US and what is the timeframe?

In the US we ship via DHL. We can ship either DHL Express listed as USA- Fastest (1 - 4 Day Delivery) with the cost of $9.97. Or we can ship DHL Ground listed as USA- Most Affordable (4 - 10 Day Delivery) with the cost of about $3.95.  [top]

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Currently we ship exclusively DHL. If you would like us to ship to a PO Box please choose ground shipping listed as USA- Most Affordable (4 - 10 Day Delivery) and we will arrange for your order to be shipped Priority Mail. However, your order may be delayed 1-2 days before it ships. [top]


Do you ship internationally and what is the cost and time frame?

We ship to your country via the US Postal service. We have 2 shipping options, 1 is Global Priority Mail for $12.95 with a time frame of 3-4 weeks. The other shipping option is Global Express Mail for $24.95 with a time from of 5-10 business days depending on customs. [top]

Is there tracking available with Global Priority Mail or Global Express Mail?

There is no tracking available with Global Priority Mail, but there is tracking with Global Express Mail. [top]

Do you ship orders to FPO/APO Addresses?

We do ship to FPO and APO addresses. However, our system is very sensitive to the billing address used. If you plan to ship to a location other than your billing address, please note that there is a potential for delay in the ordering process. For your protection, orders will be held while our customer service center authenticates billing address and confirms the alternative shipping locale. Orders will not be held for longer than 24 hours. For state, use the following abbreviations when placing FPO/APO addressed orders:

  • Armed Forces Africa - AE
  • Armed Forces Americas - AA
  • Armed Forces Canada - AE
  • Armed Forces Europe - AE
  • Armed Forces Middle East - AE
  • Armed Forces Pacific - AP


Do you take checks or money orders?

YES, we do take both checks and money orders in US funds. Just submit an order like normal and once you get to the page where you submit payment, click on the echeck option for checks and the mail option for money orders. [top]

What is your return address?

Attn: Progressive Health Returns
22100 E. 26th Ave
Aurora, CO. 80019