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About Us

We Are Progressive Health.

Providing natural ways to improve the lives of people suffering
from various health concerns.

The Chase family

At ProgressiveHealth.com we want to help people that share a common concern:

Is there a safer, healthier alternative
to prescription medication?

I’ll be honest, sometimes the answer is yes and other times it isn’t. It’s a cliche’ but, to be fair, it’s ‘case-by-case’.

However, for many of us, there are natural remedies that can improve and remove the symptoms we experience and those health conditions causing them, entirely.

Hi, I’m Brad Chase, the founder, and owner of Progressivehealth.com and I’d like to share with you how my health experiences have led to me helping over 250,000 customers in living a better life.

Our Story

In early 2003 I was reading "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" and realized the vast amount of government- funded research that has been conducted on supplements and health concerns could be used to improve the lives of people just like me - more on that below.

After reading that book, I made it my goal to come up with natural formulas to help address various health concerns, including my own health concerns:


I was suffering from terrible hemorrhoids and I had a receding hairline that had me feeling less than positive. I was 22 years old, in my prime, but suffering from a few health concerns. So I started looking for natural solutions.

Like everyone else, I knew prescription meds were available to me. After visiting with my doctor to discuss options and weeks of studying, I concluded that the side-effects of prescription medication weren’t worth the benefits; especially for something as low-risk as hemorrhoids and hair loss. There had to be a better way.

Using the information I found in Prescription for Nutritional Healing, I started putting together a plan to create natural formulas. I contacted an experienced Naturopathic Physican (Dr. Jason Barker) to help guide the process. He took the information from this book and combined it with his years of experience and access to more in-depth databases to come up with the formulas we use today on ProgressiveHealth.com.

Our Process



We closely examine information from databases that explore the available research on supplements and how they affect health concerns.


We look for a wide range of studies from various sources to see how a particular supplement can address a health concern. We repeat this process with other supplements that have shown to be helpful with that health concern.



After the laboratory has approved the final ingredient list the product is ready to begin the testing process.


With the product having been formulated, packaged, marketed, and delivered to the consumer, the improvement process will soon begin. This process may include updates to relevant research, consumer feedback, government regulations and more - the most influential of course being our own customer reviews, your feedback is invaluable.


Our Reviews

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This product works for me by treating my RLS naturally

I have suffered from RLS for quite some time and had great difficulty sleeping. My symptoms would keep me awake for several hours every night. After realizing this was a neurological sleep disorder, I searched for a way to treat my dopamine deficiency and came across this product. I like that it is mainly made of vitamins and minerals. I have been on it for 6 months and have seen significant improvement. I take 2 capsules at bedtime with water. Then another 2 capsules a couple of hours later when I get up to use the bathroom. I do still get the odd night of restless legs but the symptoms are minor and I’m able to fall back to sleep. I’m so glad I found this product to treat my condition naturally.

- Cory for Sedorum
star star star star star
This product works miracles!

I had been suffering from severe edema due to high blood pressure. I was out of breath and it was hard for me to walk due to the excess water. I had tried different HBP meds with water pills prescribed by my doctor but nothing worked. This product worked just as described. It took about 2 days but I saw drastic results! The first 2 days I drank a lot of water and of course, I ran to the restroom a lot but the trade-off was worth it! I could actually put on my shoes again! Highly recommend it! In my picture my feet were so swollen I began to get blisters from where the water was trying to escape. Its been about 2 weeks since I started taking Capisette and I haven't had any problems since.

- Nekoko for Capisette
star star star star star
No more canker sores! BUY!

I've been taking this for 5+ months now, and thought I'd share my results with you. Individual results will always vary, so I think it's helpful to have as many different reviews as possible for people to make an informed decision. The first question most people will ask is, "Does it get rid of canker sores?" Well, in my experience, not altogether. So, why do I give it 5 stars when I still get canker sores, even taking this medicine 3 times a day? Because my result is that the canker sores I have are fewer, not as big as in the past, and heal much faster. That alone is worth the price of the medication. I've had canker sores all my life, and sometimes have had 4-5 in my mouth at the same time. Anyone that goes through that knows how difficult it is to live with. And, sometimes the pain is bad enough that it seems to cause even more to appear. I've tried everything, including SLS-free toothpaste (which I still use), acidophilus pills, and other remedies, with limited success. This medication seems to combine everything possible to deal with these sores and it does what I need it to do. I don't mind getting sores from time to time, if they stay small and go away quickly, which is what I'm experiencing with these pills. Maybe for some people, these pills get rid of the sores entirely. In either case, it does what it's supposed to do, in my opinion, and provides much-needed relief.

- Jessica for Monoplex
star star star star star
I highly recommend this to anyone who have been diagnosed with vitiligo

I have been taking this for about two weeks and I started to see some change on my skin. I have white patches on my face (vitiligo) and they’ve started to fade out. I'm really impressed since I’ve tried many different things and nothing works. I highly recommend this to anyone who has been diagnosed with vitiligo.

- Ivan for Callumae
star star star star star
It really works. I have ordered it three separate...

It really works. I have ordered it three separate times in 10 years and works every time. I have never needed a reorder at the time because it works quickly for me.

- Karen for Avatrol