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Brad Chase

"All of the products on progressivehealth.com are formulated with quality in mind. Our team of naturopathic physicians closely analyzed each formula to find the best balance of effective ingredients. I personally take Advecia for hair maintenance & Exomine for joint pain."

Brad Chase, President    


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About Us

Delivering The Most Effective Health
Products to Doorsteps Across the World

Progressive Health Nutraceuticals is a privately held and funded company founded in 1997. Our Administrative headquarters are in Boise, ID. We have warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and customer service call centers in four different states (California, Idaho, Ohio, and Michigan).

At Progressive Health, we offer very targeted and unique products. You will find formulas that are specific to different categories of health and wellness.

Since we eliminate the typical hassles of a traditional business such as overhead and fixed costs - we are able to allocate more resources to research and development, bringing you the highest quality products available.

Our Formulas

Our three step process to creating the formulas sold on our site:

First, a team of researchers from Progressive Health gathers information from medical journals and educational organizations about possible ingredients to consider in our products.

After a list has been complied, it is sent to Dr Jason Barker (a naturopathic physician). Combined with the research of the individual ingredients and his experience as a medical practitioner, a formula is created.

The final formula is then inspected by our quality control team in our manufacturing department.

Our Manufacturing Process

Our GMP compliant manufacturing facility is over 60,000 square feet. With a reputation for quality and excellence, all of our formulas are based on clinical studies and years of research. Our knowledgeable team of professionals includes biochemists, pharmacists, and medical doctors that are highly qualified in their respective fields. At ProgressiveHealth.com, we take your health and the quality of our products seriously. The following steps describe exactly how our products are manufactured:

Step 1

When raw materials are received for manufacturing, they are immediately quarantined. After we receive raw materials, they are checked for any contaminants. A number of tests, including microbiological testing for pathogens, are then completed. It is very rare to ever find anything in these tests, but it is still a core part of our receiving process. After the materials have been verified, they are released for use in manufacturing.

Step 2

When the product is ready for manufacturing, we weigh all materials according to the specific formulation. Amounts for each ingredient are measured on our precision scales, which are calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy. The blending stage takes place immediately after the weighing of ingredients. Blends are produced according to strict guidelines in our V-type blenders, ribbon blenders, and planetary mixers to ensure homogeneity.

Step 3

After completion of a powder blend, the product moves forward to the production areas where it is encapsulated and bottled. Each bottle is sealed twice, once on the mouth of the bottle and once again with a plastic neck band.

Step 4

After products have been bottled, they move to Quality Control. We scrutinize every formulation to ensure it meets specification. Dissolution, disintegration, friability, and stability tests are just a few of the many tests completed at this point.

Step 5

After multiple quality control checks, the finished product is moved to a climate controlled storage area.