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Armour Thyroid vs Synthroid

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There are plenty of medications and treatments for hypothyroidism and two of them are Armour Thyroid and Synthroid. If you are interested about any of them it is a good idea to consider each product and weigh each of its pros and cons to make sure that you make the right choice.

There are plenty of products in the market that is designed to treat hypothyroidism, and they range from prescription drugs to natural supplements and medicines.

Prescription drugs, like Synthroid, contain a synthetic version of the thyroid hormone thyroxine. Natural medications like Armour Thyroid, on the other hand, contain natural thyroxine replacements derived from porcine thyroid glands.

So, if you have hypothyroidism, you may consider one of the two types of treatments. And although your doctor will usually be the one to choose the treatment for you, it is a good idea to check out different alternatives that you can consider and bring the idea up during your visit to your doctor.


Synthroid is a prescription medication manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. Its main component is Levothyroxine sodium, which is identical to thyroxine or the T4 hormone in the body.

While Synthroid only replaces the T4 hormone, the body easily converts T4 to T3 hormone, providing the body with a good supply of thyroid hormones to restore balance.

Touted as the #1 prescription brand for hypothyroidism, Synthroid can only be dispensed by pharmacists upon the prescription of your doctor. The medicine comes in different formulations and dosages.

Synthroid Benefits and Disadvantages

The advantages of Synthroid include the fact that it replaces the thyroid hormones in the body and increases energy.

The majority of the users also report fast and consistent results, specifically in the alleviation of the symptoms

Synthroid lists down all its possible side effects but the majority of the users have not reported any experiences of side effects. Lastly, it is the most recommended thyroid replacement drug by doctors.

The only disadvantage is the possibility of experiencing side effects, which are usually caused by taking too much or taking too little of the medication.

Armour Thyroid

Armour Thyroid is a type of desiccated thyroid medication that is derived from porcine thyroid glands. The tablets contain T3 or liothyronine and T4 or levothyroxine. The product provides 9 mcg of liothyronine and 38 mcg of levothyroxine for each grain of thyroid.

Desiccated thyroid works just like synthetic thyroid medication, which promotes the thyroid hormone balance in the body.

Armour Thyroid Benefits and Disadvantages

One good thing about Armour Thyroid is that it is natural because it comes from the thyroid hormones of animals. Likewise, it does not contain T4 hormone alone as it also contains 9 mcg of T3.

Because it supplies the body with both T3 and T4 hormones the body no longer needs to convert T4 to produce a supply of T3 hormones. Armour Thyroid is also effective and produces fast and consistent results as reported by many users.

The problem with the supplement is that it has had its own share of controversies before – and the fact that many doctors do not recommend it to their patients. Another disadvantage is that it comes from porcine thyroid glands, which means that it is not compatible with patients who have pork allergy or are not allowed to eat pork because of religious restrictions. Armour Thyroid is also not as widely available as Synthroid. 

Which Is Better Between The Two?

Basically, both treatments work well and have been proven to balance the hormones in the body. While both products list down possible side effects which users may experience – the majority of the users for both products report not experiencing these side effects at all.

But, between the two choices – what exactly is the better option?

While most doctors usually prescribe Synthroid, you may ask him about Armour Thyroid too. The choice actually depends on what you prefer, but it is a good idea to find out as much as you can about the products and weigh your options first before deciding the product for you. 

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