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The Bald Truth - 7 Popular Posts

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7 Must Read Articles from www.thebaldtruth.com.

Thebaldtruth.com is a hairloss forum, here are there 7 must read posts from their site. 

1 - Robotic Hair Transplant

Ever wonder what a hair transplant is all about?  

If so, you can see a live transplant on thebaldtruth.com. 

They show some steps taken during a robotic procedure that was performed on air live.  

This is a surgery done by a robot, you can also chose to have a Doctor perform a hair transplant by hand. 

The robotic procedure is more accurate than the hand procedure but it does require training on how to use the robot.  If you are looking into this procedure you should make sure the doctors are trained properly.   

You will want to be evaluated by a doctor to determine if this is the proper procedure for you.  

Thebaldtruth.com also has a video of a woman receiving a transplant that is done by doctors, not a robot.  If you are thinking about having either procedure done, these videos may help you see what it is all about.

2 - Histogen's HSC Shows Continued Hair Growth At One Year

Histogen, Inc.,  is a regenerative medical company that is developing solutions based on the products of newborn cells grown under embryonic conditions.  

It has announced their one year findings on their Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC) pilot clinical trial.  In the findings they state that new hair growth was significant in HSC patients one year after their treatment. [Read More

3 - Propecia and Shedding

There is no scientific proof that shedding will occur when using Propecia but, there is evidence that it can and does happen.  

Even if there is some shedding to begin with, Propecia is a 5a-Reductase Inhibitor which will help stop hair loss and can re grow some hair that has been lost.  

There are several treatment options available for hairloss but you should try one option at a time to see if it works before adding to the treatment plan.  [Read More

4 - Life After Hair Loss

There are people out there that can help you deal with hair loss and the effects of it on your day to day life.  

It is not easy for everyone to manage life with their hair loss but now there are options available such as: surgery, hair pieces, medications and topical treatments.

Thebaldtruth.com has forums that you can help you address issues that are causing your hair loss or that are being caused by your hair loss.  [Read More

5 - Lessons I've Learned after 15 Years of Hair Replacement

After 15 years of dealing with hair loss and different treatment options, non surgical treatment was the way to go for me.  Surgery may not always be the best option for your situation. 

There are still things I am learning but as time goes on treatments change and it is good to stay aware of all the new options available. [Read More]

6 - New Procedure Trials Begin on Replicel 

Human trials are underway for Replicel.  A Vancouver-based company is working on developing a safe and effective cell-based hair regeneration treatment for humans.  

Phase I is underway and this could be a new treatement for Women and Men with Androgenetic Alopecia. [Read More]

7 - Going Bald and Going Back....

After years of surgical treatments and life changes I finally made the decision to let things be.  I figured it was in my best interest to let my hair loss start again.  

I realized life was better for me when I was bald.  Now I am working on reversing the surgical procedures I had done previously with new procedures.  

I recommend researching all options and outcomes before going through with any procedures. [Read More]

Thebaldtruth.com has many ways to connect with other people experiencing what you are and they have a lot of helpful information for the balding community. 

Other reviews we have posted that may be helpful are hairlosstalk and hairlosshelp.

Besides hairloss forums there are many sites out there that can help with support such as balding blogs and forums on regrowth.com.

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