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The Balding Blog - All Time Most Popular Posts

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BaldingBlog.com offers room for both professional and user feedback to important hair loss questions and topics. Here are a few of the most popular posts.

About The Balding Blog

The Balding Blog differs from other hair loss forums in so many ways. First, it is affiliated to a medical organization, NHI (New Hair Institute) which provides hair loss treatment.              

Secondly, it is run and moderated by real doctors.

Thirdly, it is presented in blog or journal format with regular updates which are presented right on the first page.

Lastly, this hair loss blog can help you find hair loss clinics, arrange your consultation with their doctors and help find the right treatment.

Although The Balding Blog has a forum section, it is driven more by the expert contributors who regularly pick a topic related to hair loss and offer their professional opinions.

In a way, you can think of The Balding Blog as the online blog of New Hair Institute. However, you can also get information about other hair loss treatment centers and products outside what the institute offers.

For example, The Balding Blog links to Hair Loss Help forum and is a member of Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

However, since the blog is affiliated to New Hair Institute and the doctors there, the treatment option most favored is hair transplant. Hair loss products such as Finasteride and Minoxidil are also commonly featured and discussed.

Overall, The Balding Blog presents extensively studied and medically proven solutions on its pages.

Presentation Of Baldingblog.com

The site is designed like a journal and is presented in a simple, blog format. Currently, there are over ten thousand entries related to hair loss.

All of these entries can be browsed from the Archive page or searched directly from the home page.

The home page also displays the most recent blog entries. The current top entry is a good example of the sort of content you can find on The Balding Blog. It discusses a study demonstrating the effectiveness of long term use of 1mg Finasteride in reversing hair loss.

Apart from the ability to search the entire blog directly from the first page, The Balding Blog allows you to ask questions.

The “Ask A Question” button on the top right on the blog leads you to a form with which you can send the site’s doctors your important questions.

Below this button is another one which leads to the blog’s forum, Balding Forum. Balding Forum is a separate website apart from The Balding Blog. It is linked to the blog and similarly run but has a different address.

Besides the forum and the ability to directly ask your important questions, other features of The Balding Blog that promote interaction include the instructional videos provided and the Events link where notices of hair loss gatherings are placed.

The page for videos is also presented in blog style. Although videos are not posed daily like the blog page, there are still a lot of videos about hair loss news, products, treatments, and expert interviews.

The event page lists all upcoming events organized by New Hair Institute.

Regular visitors and forum members of The Balding Blog are encouraged to attend these events for the latest information about alopecia and also to meet hair loss experts.

Baldingblog.com And NHI

Although the blog is really a mouthpiece of New Hair Institute’s Los Angeles clinic, you can also read about other hair loss centers on it.

For example, there is a section dedicated to helping people pick capable surgeons; this is meant for those who are thinking of undergoing hair transplant.

You can also find the newest hair loss solutions right there on The Balding Blog. Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is one such example of the newest hair loss solutions offered at New Hair Institute.

This treatment options for people with hair loss seeds the scalp with hair-like micro-pigments which will cover bald spots and give the appearance of hair growth on the scalp.

Lastly, the doctors running the blog and the Institute are the authors of Hair Loss and Replacement for Dummies. This book provides extensive information about hair loss in general and the surgical treatment options that help regrow hair.

The fact that the blog’s authors wrote and published a For Dummies book on hair loss is a good indication of their expertise on the subject.

Visitors to the Balding Blog site can be confident they are getting some of the best expert advice.

Top Forum Topics

This forum was founded in 2005 by the Medical Director and Founder of the New Hair Institute, William Rassman, M.D.

Dr. Rassman and fellow doctor Jae P. Pak, M.D. offer their expertise by authoring the blog posts.

Over time, there has been much talk on hair loss treatments, methods, and problems like other websites such as hairlosshelp, regrowth.com and other popular hair loss forums.

Listed below are some of the popular posts that have generated a lot of buzz.

“Pudendal Neuropathy and Propecia”

This topic was raised in relation to another comment that had been made where someone claimed Propecia had caused pudendal neuropathy or, in other words, nerve damage.

The author, Dr. Rassman, of this balding blog post speculated it seemed highly unlikely this was possible as this type of damage is generally caused by injury, infection or a chronic medical condition.

Others in the medical field generally concurred with Rassman. Because this nerve is located in the pelvic region, some felt the person who originally made the claim must have injured the nerve in some other manner.

At this time, the discussion is still active and ongoing.

“Can Propecia Cause Blood Clots?”

Another health concern was raised over the popular Propecia treatment for thinning hair.

A visitor to the Balding Blog website had posed the question about whether Propeica could cause blood clots. This was an alarming post as blood clots can be deadly.

The way that Propecia works is by partially blocking transformation of testosterone to DHT, but Dr. Rassman felt linking this to a blood clot was a stretch.

As with the “Pudendal Neuropathy and Propecia” post, the string of replies turned mostly towards disappointment in misinformed users making claims without having any medical training.

“How Data is Collected and Interpreted in Clinical Trials”

This post actually came from a site member and guest writer known for contributions about FDA concerns relating to hair loss products.

This could be because the anonymous author is one who oversees a good deal of clinical trials that result in the approval of new drugs.

The blog post  discusses the different aspects of a clinical study. The debate during responses remained heated.

“Finasteride and Allopregnanolone”

The original question that sparked this balding blog post was about the potential reduction in Neuroactive Steroids that could be caused by Finasteride, commonly referred to as simply Fin.

Dr. Rassman's response was that although mood changes and possibly depression have been linked to Fin use, there was no evidence of the reduction of Allopregnanolone.       

As usual the feedback from blog visitors was mixed, but one of the best pieces of advice offered stated the person should use Fin and see for him or herself.

Those concerned can also speak with their own doctor to weigh the possibilities.

The Balding Blog forum has informative discussions that occur on a regular basis and definitely a place to check out for hair loss help.

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