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The Pros and Cons of Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid

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Review the pros, cons, and possible side effects of Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid.

Mouth pain is a common problem these days and there are many people who are suffering from this issue.

However, a common misconception people have is that mouth pain is caused because of toothache or a problem in the gums. What they do not know that there are various other reasons behind the cause of mouth pain and one of them is canker sores.

Canker sores

Canker sores are commonly known as mouth ulcers that develop in the soft tissues of the mouth.

Canker sores can be caused due to emotional stress or toothpaste/mouthwash which contains sodium lauryl sulfate and bacterial reactions. 

If you do not treat canker sores properly you might find it difficult to eat or talk.

What is KANKA?

Kanka also known as Kank-a is a medicated liquid prepared with enzymes and minerals. There is a special type of ingredient named benzocaine in it.

Benzocaine is a local aesthetical medicine that numbs the veins.

Whenever Kanka is used by a person suffering canker sores, it will numb the signals of the pain in the nerves and your pain should be reduced.

Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid Ingredients

Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid is a combination of active and inactive ingredients.

Active Ingredients
Benzocaine 20.0 % (W/W)
Oral Anesthetic/Analgesic

Inactive Ingredients
Benzyl Alcohol
Cetylpyridinium Chloride
Compound Benzoin Tincture
Dimethyl Isosorbide
Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer
Propylene Glycol
Ricinus Communis Seed Oil
SD Alcohol 38-B 
Sodium Saccharin
Tannic Acid


1. Taste

Unlike other mouth healing medicines, it doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth. Therefore, you can eat food and consume liquids without a sour taste of medicine in your mouth. This makes Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid convenient to use.

2. Long-Lasting

Usually, when we have canker sores and abrasions in our mouth, it becomes difficult to eat food and drink water.

Burning sensations start to appear whenever the wound and sore touches something.

However, with Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid you can eat, drink, and speak without a problem. It blocks the nerves and the pain making it easier to eat. You will not starve due to painful sores when you have Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid with you.

3. Price

Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid is available at an affordable rate. Unlike other oral applicable medicines and liquids, Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid is very economical.

You can purchase it from online portals and your nearest medical stores. Moreover, you get a decent amount of medicine to apply to the sores and abrasions at such a low price.

4. Instant Healing

Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid is made of Benzocaine. This agent helps to create a feeling of numbness.

Therefore, you feel instant relief while using the product.

You can apply it directly to the sores and abrasions to get fast relief. Whenever you want to eat something, apply Mouth Pain Liquid before your meal. This will numb the canker sore and allow you to eat without feeling any pain from the canker sore. 

5. Use It In Combination With Other Products

You can use Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid in combination with products like Monoplex to get faster results.


1. Can Cause Methemoglobinemia

Methemoglobinemia is a condition in which oxygen doesn’t reach the tissues on certain parts of the body, and this dangerously low amount of oxygen can bring fatal problems to certain parts of your skin.

So, the first side effect or drawback of Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid is that it may cause Methemoglobinemia.

Some symptoms related to Methemoglobinemia are a headache, tired feeling, tension, confusion, fast heart rate, and sensing light-headed or short-breath. It can also cause a blue, pale, or gray appearance on your skin around the lips and/or fingernails. If you find any such sort of issues on your skin or experience the aforementioned products, contact your nearest doctor immediately.

2. Overdose Can Cause Serious Problems

Although it is an oral medicine, your body absorbs it. If you apply more than the recommended dosage on the affected area, then the tissues of your body will start to absorb that higher amount of medicine.

This can cause the medicine to get into your bloodstream which can lead to more serious health problems. 

3. Not Recommended for Babies or Pregnant Women

Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid is not recommended for babies or children younger than two years as babies have sensitive skin and Blistex Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid has some severe numbing agents in it that can bring health issues in infants.

Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding are also not recommended to use this product without a doctor's approval.

If you were to get a doctor's approval, you must not apply it near the areas that come in contact with your baby's mouth during breastfeeding.


The continuous use of Blistex kanaka mouth pain liquid is not recommended. Do not use it for more than seven days without a doctor's prescription.

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