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Acne Blogs

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Acne blogs are popular places for those suffering from acne to read the information on acne treatments and news. We review the top three acne blogs available today.

Acne is a very common skin condition that affects as many as 80% of all men and women at some point in their lives.

With so many people suffering from acne, there is a need for information regarding acne treatments, acne lifestyles, acne reviews, etc.

That's why there are hundreds of acne blogs available, each with its own unique information and perspective on acne and skincare.

In this article, we'll review the top 3 blogs for acne for those that are suffering from acne and skincare issues.

Acne Blog 1: https://acne.about.com

Acne.org is one of the most valuable resources when it comes to acne information.

Though the website is designed around selling its own acne products, the resources on this website are very important for acne suffers. It has information regarding how to care for your acne, a full message board system for users to ask questions regarding acne and acne treatments, and perhaps most importantly – a widely used review database for the world's leading acne products.

The acne blog itself contains a great deal of information.

Lately, Dan Kern (the acne blogger) has been focusing on his own products, so information for acne sufferers is slimmer and can mostly be found on other pages of the blog (such as the review pages).

But in the past, Dan has recommended ample tools for living with acne, including recommendations on sunscreens and cleansers, information regarding birth control pills as acne treatments, etc.

Because the blog itself is less frequently updated and focused more on Dan's products, it's not necessarily the type of blog you follow for daily information. But the website itself is a solid resource, and if you go through the archives you'll find several interesting articles about living with acne.

Acne.org may not necessarily be the best blog for acne, but as a resource, it is especially valuable.

Acne Blog 2: https://acne.about.com/b/

If you're looking for a blog for acne that is regularly updated with valuable information about living with acne, then the acne blog at About.com may be your best bet.

About.com in general is a highly successful and generally accurate resource for information. Its guides are handpicked for their knowledge, they rarely are promoting any of their own products (if they promote any products at all), and they utilize sound research tools to develop genuinely informative pages about their content.

Angela Palmer is their acne blogger, and she does a good job discussing the needs of those living with acne.

Posts update every few days, each with their own information. Because acne is "Controversial" (in that there are still issues that are not yet clear about cause/effect with acne and acne treatments), Ms. Palmer does insert her own opinion here and there, but they're generally in line with what the research supports.

The About.com acne blog is excellent for recommendations or finding out answers to important acne questions.

It's not very research-heavy, which can have its benefits and weaknesses, and it doesn't always get into some of the more complex questions regarding acne treatments, but anyone looking to keep updated with thoughts on acne would be wise to follow it.

Acne Blog 3: https://www.facingacne.com/blog/

Another blog for acne, FacingAcne.com is still in development.

Their site will be very similar to Acne.org. They'll have a forum open shortly (according to the website), and there are several reviews of top acne treatments.

Facing Acne's blog has a great deal of information and articles regarding specific acne issues. For example, whether Vitamin D helps or hurts acne, whether it's considered acceptable for men to wear makeup over acne, and so on. On occasion, they also respond to reader questions, which is a nice touch.

Their articles and long and informative, and often they make recommendations for acne products if the article is related to some type of acne treatment. This can be very valuable for readers that are looking for more than just acne information.

Overall, the Facing Acne blog is yet another valuable resource for those that want to learn more about acne life.

Discovering Other Acne Blogs

While there are a lot of acne blogs in existence, many are about product promotion, which is not necessarily valuable to the reader. Others don't update often enough to be worth following, and while they may have some information, that information can often be found elsewhere.

The above acne blogs update regularly or semi-regularly, and while some of them may still have promotional information, they still provide valuable resources, tools, tips, etc., on how to control acne. All of them are worth bookmarking if you want to stay updated with acne advice.

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