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Fallodox may be helpful for promoting fertility by regulating menstrual cycles and balancing hormones.
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Affecting nearly 15% of all women, endometriosis is an extremely common and, oftentimes, devastating gynecological condition. Nearly half of all women suffering from this condition will become infertile and there is no known cure. For some 5 million affected women in the U.S., finding a successful condition management program remains critical for not only controlling the painful symptoms of endometriosis but for purposes of fertility. Specialists recommend a multi-factorial approach for minimizing the symptoms, including nutritional supplementation. Fallodox has been formulated to address hormone imbalances, stress, and possible nutritional deficiencies.
"My husband and I want to Thank You for an AMAZING product. We had one child when we were younger. After raising our first child to the ripe age of 7, we decided we sought another joy in our life. Except, when we tried to have another child, I couldn't get pregnant." "I consulted with my doctor and he recommended a few treatments I did not initially agree with. I heard about your product and decided to give it a try first. After using this product for five or six months, we were able to successfully get pregnant again."

- Ellen & Cory Combs



The abnormal growth of cells that form the lining of the uterine cavity could be the reason you are unable to get pregnant. In women, these cells, which are normally expelled from the body through menses each month, actually end up continuing their cycle elsewhere in the body. They (endometrium) then have no way of leaving the body. Tissues will still break down and bleed like women without the disease, but unlike normal menstruation, endometriosis allows for a build-up of tissue. This tissue may attach itself to other organs of the lower abdomen, such as bowel or ovaries. The presence of endometrial implants outside the pelvic cavity is very uncommon but can occur.




A multitude of symptoms and vary from person to person. Commons signs and symptoms include:

  • Capacitating pain in the lower back, uterus, organs and the pelvic cavity prior and during the menstrual cycle
  • Painful intercourse
  • Excessive bleeding (including the passing of large clots)
  • Nausea, and in some, vomiting
  • Constipation or difficulty passing stools during the menses (dyschezia)
  • Pain during urination (dysuria)
  • Infertility




Theories abound, but the cause is still not known. The retrograde menstruation theory, or trans tubal migration theory, suggests that during the process of menstruation, some of the menstrual tissue backs up through the fallopian tubes, implants itself in the abdomen, and begins to grow. Experts believe that in women with endometriosis, normal immunological or hormonal activity is hampered and allows for abnormal tissue growth.

Another theory suggests that endometrial tissue is transported from the uterus to other parts of the body via the lymphatic or circulatory systems. Those supporting this theory claim that women suffering from endometriosis may have some predisposing factors, or genetic markers (chromosome 10q26 and CA 125), which contribute to condition onset. It is well recognized that daughters and sisters of patients with this concern are at a far higher risk of developing it themselves.

Lastly, research conducted by the Endometriosis Association has revealed a potential link between dioxin (TCCD) exposure and the development of this concern. Dioxin is a byproduct of pesticide manufacturing, paper processing, and medical and municipal waste incineration. Interestingly, in one particular clinical trial, some 80% of monkeys exposed to dioxin developed endometriosis. It seemed that the more dioxin these mammals were exposed to, the more severe the condition was.


Quick Facts

  • 2 million women in the UK and approximately 5.5 million women in the United States suffer from this health concern
  • 5 - 20% of women of childbearing age in the US are affected
  • Some 30 - 40% of women with this concern are infertile
  • It remains as one of the top three causes of female infertility
  • The emotional trauma resulting is often as traumatic as the condition itself


Conventional Approaches


Currently, there is no cure. Instead, conventional treatments are geared towards addressing issues of pain or infertility. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) drugs and other pain medications have been shown to provide temporary relief of pain while improving menstrual flow in patients. In some instances, narcotic pain killers are utilized to combat pain, as well.

Decreasing estrogen and testosterone levels with Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Agonists is also a treatment option. The constant stimulation of GnRH receptors leads to a down-regulation, or decrease in the number of receptors to a given hormone to reduce its sensitivity.

Birth control pills are another method for hormonal regulation. These agents have also been shown to eliminate heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle in women with endometriosis.

Surgery is often recommended if it is widespread or extremely painful. Surgical options range from minor to major procedures and include laparoscopy, laparotomy, hysterectomy, and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of uterine tubes and ovaries). Laparoscopy to remove growths in women with minimal endometriosis has proven effective at improving fertility. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is another popular method for increasing fertility in women with endometriosis.

However, it is important to note that all of these treatment options carry some risk of completion. Most conservative treatments need to be done for several months, or even years, to be beneficial. As well, other drugs induce menopausal symptoms or result in abnormal hormonal variations that can lead to osteoporosis. Some women will need to receive 'add-back' therapies of estrogen to counteract these side effects.




Unlike traditional treatments that are invasive and carry the risk for side effects, Fallodox is a safe, all-natural formula that can effectively increase your chances for pregnancy. 

The role of nutritional supplementation has proven exceedingly beneficial for women with endometriosis. In fact, some women report becoming completely symptom-free when changes to diet are made, and supplementation with a condition-specific formula is initiated.

Fallodox is your nutritional intervention. This comprehensive formula works to balance the hormonal and immunological variations prevalent in those suffering from this concern while lessening the inflammatory process in the body that contribute to the onset of the most adverse symptoms like extreme pain. Moreover, Progressive Health’s formula may also decrease estrogen levels, stabilize hormones, increase energy, alleviate painful cramps, and thus, stabilize your emotions.

So what’s inside Fallodox that makes this dietary supplement so effective?

Black Cohosh and Red Clover
Clinical studies have reported that both black cohosh and red clover exhibit positive menopausal and post-menopausal effects, which may be helpful. Thousands of women have used black cohosh for this purpose and it remains one of the most popular herbs consumed by pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women alike.
Blessed Thistle, Fennel Ext., Red Raspberry, Saw Palmetto, Saw Palmetto Ext.
All of these botanicals work to balance hormones. Studies indicate that these ingredients may work by blocking the action of the hormone that is stimulating the increase in endometrial tissue, as well.
Wild Yam
Most often used to help with menopause, relieving symptoms of PMS, and menstrual irregularities. When combined with chaste berry, Wild Yam works to reduce the symptoms by producing a mild sedative effect.
Has been shown to contain high amounts of potassium and increases the function of the immune system. Potassium is involved in intracellular osmosis, which is the control of the flow of fluids into and out of tissues and cells.
Dong Quai
Has a long history of traditional use in female disorders such as menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome, and to relieve symptoms associated with endometriosis.
Oat Straw
Has been used as an aid for menopause, a restorative nerve tonic, and to help combat hormone deficiency.
This herb has been used for centuries to help. Chasteberry compliments Wild Yam in this formula, to relieve pain associated with menstruation.
Olive Extract
Reported to have an antimicrobial effect against bacteria that cause infections. Patients with symptoms have exhibited excellent and lasting results in a study with natural antifungals like caprylic acid, olive extract, and probiotics.
Cats Claw and Fenugreek
Both are effective herbs for decreasing inflammation and soothing irritated tissues. These herbs may prove especially useful for controlling symptoms of pain in endometriosis sufferers.


Success Story

*Three years ago, I have been diagnosed with this health concern, I had been having horrible cramps, heavy bleeding, constipation/diarrhea, nausea, etc. during my period. I was always in the doctor’s office about once a week, having checkups and changing birth control pills every few months. My life has been totally turned upside down from not only the pain of endo but also the emotional side effects as well.

I am blessed though to have a supportive hubby, who loves me a lot. He is always there for me when I feel my worse.

With the help of very strong pain killers, I had gotten used to living with discomfort and pain on a daily basis, but it was the pain episodes, where I cannot move, see straight or think that was killing me. I visited the site and found out about FALLODOX. From the very first month of taking this product, I started seeing improvement, it has been 2 years now I am on the product and I can truly say that it gave me my life back. I am willing to recommend this product to anyone who is going through this debilitating disease. I must also let you know that FALLODOX is the only treatment I have used and it is amazing how this product alone could work so many wonders for me, I am now enjoying a pain-free life and the symptoms have all gone. KUDOS to your product.

Sharon Brown (Jamaica)



Frequently Asked Questions


How easily is endometriosis diagnosed?

  • Diagnosing endometriosis can be an extremely lengthy process. Symptoms of "endo" can often mimic other conditions, ranging from ovarian cysts to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). It is not uncommon for women to see several physicians before receiving a definitive diagnosis for this particular condition.

What takes place during a diagnosis?

  • Your doctor will likely ask you to describe the symptoms you are experiencing. He/She may also perform a pelvic exam to check for any abnormalities. However, the only way to receive a definitive diagnosis is via surgery. A laparoscopy or invasive laparotomy are the two most effective procedures, and allow for detailed examinations of suspected sites. Ultrasounds, MRIs, CT scans and other diagnostic testing procedures are considered "inconclusive." Your doctor may also want to run a series of blood tests to look for signs of CA-125, a protein that's commonly found in the blood of women suffering from endometriosis.

I've heard that depression is common in women with endometriosis, is this true?

  • It is true that the emotional effects of endometriosis can outweigh the severity of the condition itself; however, this does not mean that all women suffering from endometriosis will be clinically diagnosed with depression.

    Nevertheless, many women suffering from endometriosis face issues of extreme pain, mood swings, hot flashes, headaches, weight gain, decreased libido, etc. These symptoms can make like miserable for the patient and the many loved ones surrounding her.

    Infertility caused by endometriosis can be a devastating diagnosis as well. All of these symptoms can impact a woman's emotional well being and lead to feelings of malaise, depression, and complete worthlessness. Therefore, it is important that patients have a strong support system, including a physician who is knowledgeable about not only the condition, but the possible emotional distress that can occur.

    If you or a loved one is suffering from this condition, there are many resources and support groups available. These services can help patients develop coping mechanisms for the emotional and physical impact of the disease. 

What can I do if there is no cure, and I don't want to take prescription medications because of the potential side effects?

  • There are a number of alternative options available for endometriosis patients. Most important of all, however, remains a proper diet, engaging in regular exercise, and nutritional supplementation. Alternative medicine (e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine), acupuncture, herbal therapy, massage techniques, and specific dietary measures have proven extremely effective for a large number of sufferers. Developing healthy lifestyle habits can significantly improve your symptoms.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view more frequently asked questions.




Fallodox Supplement Facts

Serving Size 2 Capsules Amount Per Serving Daily Value
Servings Per Container 30
Black Cohosh Extract (root) Cimicifuga Racemosa 100 mg *
Saw Palmetto Extract (berry) Serenoa Repens 70 mg *
Saw Palmetto (berry) Serenoa Repens 285 mg *
Blessed Thistle (herb) Cnicus Benedictus 20 mg *
Red Raspberry (leaf) Rubus Strigosus 20 mg *
Fennel Extract (seed) Foeniculum Vulgare 50 mg *
Wild Yam (root) Dioscorea Villosa 25 mg *
Dandelion (leaf) Taraxacum Officinale 100 mg *
Dong Quai Extract (root) Angelica Sinensis 75 mg *
Oat Straw Extract (leaf) Avena Sativa 50 mg *
Fenugreek (seed) Trigonella Foenum-graecum 225 mg *
Chasteberry Extract (berry) Vitex Agnus Castus 25 mg *
Red Clover Extract (flower) Trifolium Pratense 15 mg *
Olive Extract (leaf) Alea Europea 35 mg *
Cat’s Claw (bark) Uncaria Tomentosa 35 mg *

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule (Hypromellose), Rice Powder, Magnesium Stearate.

*Daily Value Not Established




These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Results may vary from person to person.


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