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Do Cellphones Cause ADHD?

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As if there already aren't enough triggers for ADHD in the modern world, now cellphones may be added to that list. Recent studies have shown that cellphone use by pregnant women and children up to 7 years of age dramatically increases ADHD risk. Find out more below.

Behavior problems are linked to a variety of conditions, including food additives, a nutrient-deficient diet, modern school structure, genetics, and a host of other conditions.

However, new studies have uncovered that ADHD may be linked to an unlikely cause- your cell phone.

Studies show that women who use a lot of wireless technology and cell phones during pregnancy are more likely to have children with behavior problems. Other studies show that cell phones can also impact a child’s behavior before she reaches adulthood.

Studies on Cell Phones and ADHD

A study conducted by the University of California in 2008 looked at the role of cell phone radiation and ADHD in children. The researchers looked at over 13,000 mother-child pairs and their cell phone usage during pregnancy. The researchers found that mothers who used cell phones more during pregnancy and even while the children were young had children who were almost twice as likely to have behavior and ADHD-like problems. The researchers concluded that cell phone use was “prenatally-and, to a lesser degree, postnatally-was associated with behavioral difficulties such as emotional and hyperactivity problems around the age of school entry.”

A study from 2010 confirmed these findings, although they found the increased risk was only about 1.5 times.

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine tested the theory that cell phones can cause problems in a developing fetus in 2012. The researchers positioned a cell phone above pregnant mice. The phone was transmitting with an active call throughout the entire 17-day gestation period of the mice.

After the mice were born, they were tested and the researchers found that all of the babies showed signs of ADHD and reduced transmission from the prefrontal cortex of the brain. According to researchers, this part of the brain is important for controlling behavior because it screens distractions and maintains attention. A lack of transmissions leads to ADHD symptoms. The researchers found that the mice had impaired memory, decreased anxiety, hyperactivity, and a few other negative impacts on the mice’s neurodevelopmental processes.

Also in 2012, researchers from the Bioinititve Group (an independent research group made up of doctors and scientists from around the world) looked at over 1800 studies involving cell phones and EMF radiation (the type of radio wave given off by cell phones). In these studies, it was found that cell phone exposure is detrimental to developing children, babies, and fetuses and can have negative impact on their development and attention.

The Culprit: EMF Radiation

What does this mean for children with ADHD? Although it is unlikely that a pregnant woman would be exposed to a cell phone that is continually transmitting every second of her pregnancy, we are exposed to far more EMF waves than most people realize. EMF waves come from every electrical and wireless object in the home.

Sources of EMF Radiation
  • Cell phones
  • Television
  • Computers
  • Wireless routers
  • Household electronics
  • Electrical wiring
  • Household appliances

Cell phones happen to pose one of the largest sources of risk simply because of how we use them and where we store them. Cell phones are used all day every day, and often stored in pockets and kept near the body at all times. This makes the effects of their radiation increase significantly.

These studies highlight two significant points. First, that pregnant women should avoid using cell phones as much as possible. There are many ways to do this, which are outlined below. Second, children should be discouraged from using cell phones at least until the age of 7, which is when these studies ended.

There is little data that has looked at how cell phone use might affect development after that, except that a few studies researched by the Bioinitiative Group found that cell phone use is also tied into some reproductive issues.

Children and Fetuses Exposed to Cell Phone Radiation Are:

  • 80 percent more likely to have behavior problems
  • 49 percent more likely to have conduct issues
  • 34 percent more likely to have social difficulties
  • 25 percent more likely to face emotional problems
  • 35 percent more likely to be hyperactive

Why Children Are At Greater Risk

Children have smaller brains, thinner skulls, softer brain tissue, and faster-dividing and growing cells. This makes them a prime target for damage from cell phones. Basically, since babies, fetuses, and children have cells that divide and grow at a faster rate, the radiation can have a larger impact on their development as a whole.

Studies have found that cell phone radiation is a DNA fragmenter, making it difficult to reproduce properly. This can lead to a host of developmental problems in children that could reach far beyond attention problems.

Reduce Your Risk for EMF Radiation Damage

If you are pregnant, you must make the decision about whether you will continue to use a cell phone. If you do decide to continue cell phone use, you should take the following precautions to minimize your radiation risk.

Use these same precautionary measures even if you are not pregnant (or male) to protect against the other potential dangers of EMF radiation, such as fertility problems. Encourage your children to use the same safe uses or do not allow them to use cell phones at all.

Reduce the Use of Cell Phones

If you have a land-line, use it. It has less radiation than a cell phone. Try to keep your phone off most of the time. Store your phone away from your body and head. Do not place your cell phone beside your bed when you sleep at night.

Cut Back on Use of Wireless Devices

All wireless devices send out EMF radiation- not just cell phones. This means they can have the same damaging effects. Cut back on the use of all wireless products where you can. Do not allow children to play wireless video games.

Use Wired Headsets

Hands-free cell phones are safer for you, but if you are using a wireless device, you may be making the problem worse. Always use a wired phone connection so that you can keep wireless radiation as far away from your body as possible.

Remove Metal From Your Body

There is some research that suggests that the more metal you have in your body, the greater risk you have for drawing more radiation to your body. You can counteract this by removing as much of the metal from the body as possible. Replace metal dental work with ceramic. Try a metal detox to eliminate excess metal from your body received through food sources. Bentonite clay, as well as herbs like cilantro, are highly effective at removing metal from the body.

Healing EMF-Related ADHD

If your child already suffers from ADHD, there are still steps you can take to heal the damage before it is too late. If you were exposed to a lot of wireless radiation while pregnant, you don’t have to feel guilty. There are many steps you can take to reverse ADHD symptoms and improve your child’s health moving forward.

The following supplements are highly effective at healing ADHD in children and adults of all ages:


Probiotics help control the balance of bacteria in the intestines. Some studies have suggested that children who get enough probiotics show a reduction in ADHD symptoms. A study of 75 children with ADHD found they had fewer strains of healthy bacteria in their intestines. The researchers suggested that supplementing with probiotics could help improve behavior in some children with ADHD.

Omega 3 Fats

The right kind of fat is linked to better behavior and attention. While many studies have looked at the role of omega 3 fats for ADHD, none are quite so definitive as a 2013 study conducted by the University of Oslo on rats. The researchers found that supplementing with omega 3 fats in hyperactive rats, including during gestation, helped the rats have better behavior and less hyperactivity. These responses were more marked in male rats than in female rats.

Minerals and Vitamins

Research has shown that many children with ADHD are deficient in a variety of minerals and vitamins. Numerous studies have shown that supplementing with these missing minerals and vitamins can reduce ADHD symptoms in children. Researchers from the University of Harvard state that supplementing with vitamins and minerals could benefit children with ADHD. Consult with a health professional before giving additional vitamins and minerals to children as high doses can have unknown side effects.

Children with ADHD are Often Deficient in these Nutrients
  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Iron

Other Supplements

A few other supplements have been shown to benefit children with ADHD. These supplements help alter the brain’s functioning and restore a normal balance in the brain. These beneficial supplements include:

Phosphatidylserine: In one office trial, 90 percent of children who supplemented with phosphatidylserine for 4 months had reduced ADHD symptoms.

Glycine: This amino acid is vital for the effective functioning of the nervous system. Many studies on ADHD have shown that children with ADHD are deficient in glycine. In case studies, supplementing with glycine has improved ADHD symptoms in some children.

GABA: GABA is an important acid that helps with effective cognitive function. It can improve memory and attention. Studies show that children with ADHD have abnormally low levels of GABA. Supplementing with GABA could improve a child’s behavior and ADHD symptoms.

Improving ADHD by Removing EMF Radiation

Clearly, there is a link between ADHD and EMF radiation from cell phones and other wireless products. You can help reduce the risk of your children for developing ADHD or making it worse by limiting their exposure to EMF radiation.

Additionally, curbing the use of cell phones during pregnancy and avoiding other sources of EMF radiation during pregnancy can significantly reduce a child’s chances of getting ADHD.

If your child already has ADHD, you can improve symptoms by eliminating EMF sources and supplementing with a variety of fats, probiotics, minerals, vitamins, and other supplements that can help improve cognitive function and hyperactivity. Exposure to EMF radiation does not have to change your child’s behavior.

With ADHD, it is not too late to reverse the damage from EMF radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices.





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