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Clear Acne with Potatoes?

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Think you have tried every home remedy to clear acne? I bet you haven't tried the potato cure! Potatoes are surprisingly effective at clearing acne breakouts and preventing these pesky blemishes from returning. Read on to learn how potatoes may just be the next craze for curing acne at home!

Potatoes are thought of as one of the worst foods for you, particularly if you have acne. Fried, greasy potatoes do not sound like they would reduce acne breakouts and prepared that way, potatoes will do nothing for acne. But in their raw and cooked states (as long as they are not soaked in oil), potatoes are surprisingly beneficial in the fight against acne.

Read more about the health benefits of potatoes and the potato home remedy for acne below.

Health Benefits of Potatoes

The lowly potato is often shunned because we typically consume it in the worst way possible, through French fries or potato chips which have little to no nutritional value left. However, in its natural state, the potato contains a wide range of nutrients that have a variety of health benefits, including protecting against acne.

Potatoes are unusually high in minerals and B vitamins, which many Americans are low in. A lack of zinc and other minerals has been linked with acne symptoms along with a lack of selenium and vitamins A and E. In particular, potatoes are high in vitamin C, which is used to support cell turnover and a youthful appearance. Higher vitamin C levels may help reduce the number of acne cysts.

The antioxidants in potatoes help reduce inflammation and can tame acne breakouts from both inside out and outside in.

Vitamins in Potatoes
  • Vitamin B6
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Vitamin C
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorous
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Sulfur Chloride

How Potatoes Clear Acne

Eating potatoes daily can help clear acne by providing the body with nutrients it needs to prevent acne naturally without human intervention. Potatoes help fight inflammation, improve cell quality in the skin, and may reduce the number of breakouts you see.

Externally, potatoes can cool and shrink existing pimples and make them heal and fade much faster. Potatoes have even been linked with the ability to fade troublesome acne scars from previous breakouts.

How to Use Potatoes to Cure Acne

Potatoes seem like an unlikely cure for acne, but there is no denying the science. Potatoes contain nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients that make them the perfect acne-fighting food. You can use potatoes to fight acne in two ways:


Potatoes are full of beneficial nutrients that will keep your skin glowing and healthy. But if you eat them along with trans fats or fried to oblivion, you won't be getting those essential nutrients. And surprisingly enough, much of the nutrients in potatoes are hiding in the skin, so always try to eat the skin along with the gooey white centers.

Eat your potatoes baked or oven-fried along with the skin several times a week. In just a couple of weeks, you should start to see fewer breakouts. Sweet potatoes are also amazing for your skin as they are high in the skin-healing nutrient vitamin A. consume sweet potatoes at least once a week to maximize their acne-fighting benefits.


Potatoes can also help cure acne externally. When you feel a pimple forming, slice a cold potato and apply the potato slice directly to the breakout for about five minutes. This will reduce redness and swelling and encourage the pimple to heal faster. After your pimple fades, mix three parts potato juice (make potato juice by running a raw potato through a juicer or blender) and one part lemon juice. Rub the mixture all over your face. This will help dark acne scars fade and will brighten your entire face.

If you have a particularly large pimple, mix some cold potato juice with a teaspoon of ground nutmeg to make a paste. Apply the mixture to the pimple right before you go to bed and rinse it off in the morning. Your pimple should be much smaller and on its way toward fading by the morning.

Clear Acne from the Inside Out

Potatoes are not the only way to cure acne. Used alone, potatoes can help prevent and heal acne breakouts, but studies show that a multi-faceted approach is the most effective for healing acne. Use these guidelines to cure acne for good.

Vitamins and Minerals

Studies suggest that a lack of vitamins in the diet could be responsible for some of the breakouts you see. In general, a lack of vitamin A, zinc, and selenium have been linked with acne breakouts. Vitamin A is highly effective both internally and externally. One of the most popular prescription acne treatments (Accutane) is nearly 100 percent vitamin A. You can increase your intake of vitamin A with supplements and by eating sweet potatoes and apply vitamin A-containing topical treatments to your skin. Both are effective at speeding the healing process to cure acne.

Zinc is also often lacking in individuals with acne. Zinc works to reduce oil production and inflammation and even protects against the bacteria that typically cause acne. Both internal supplements and topical skin treatments containing zinc can be effective at reducing pimple outbreaks.

A 2008 review published in Lipids in Health and Disease found that in dozens of studies, countries where omega 3 intake is high acne rates are lower than in countries where omega 3 consumption is low. Some studies have found that omega 3 supplements can improve the appearance of skin and reduce acne breakouts. However, most of these studies only worked if the study participants were actually low in omega 3 levels.

Eat a Clean Diet

Although no one particular food causes acne, a poor diet will lead to unhealthy skin. You will get more acne if you do not provide your body with the tools to fight it. Eating a diet high in junk food is likely to lead to many more breakouts. To counteract this problem, try to fill your diet with vegetables, protein, fruit, and whole grains. Avoid processed foods, sugar, and junk food.

Try Probiotics Acne is caused by an over-abundance of one type of bacteria on the skin. This bacteria is present on all skin, but individuals with acne have higher levels of the bacteria. This causes the inflammation and infection that is the hallmark of acne breakouts. Probiotics help regulate both "good" and "bad" bacteria and have been shown in several studies to reduce the number of acne breakouts on the face and elsewhere in the body. A daily probiotic can work well in combination with other treatments for acne.

Potatoes: The Home Acne Cure You've Been Waiting For

Potatoes are a surprisingly healthy food with a wide range of health benefits. They are particularly beneficial as a home remedy for acne. If you suffer from acne, potatoes eaten regularly and used as a topical treatment can work well in combination with other natural treatments for acne. If you suffer from acne, try the potato acne cure!





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