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GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel Review

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GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel is a topical gel used to treat canker sores. This review discusses the pros and cons of the gel.

GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel is an over-the-counter gel designed to relieve the pain suffered during canker sore outbreaks.

While the ingredients in GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel are not entirely “natural” the gel contains aloe vera, which has a soothing and healing effect on canker sores and mouth ulcers.

The main active ingredients in GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel is aloe vera, sodium hyaluronate, and Polyvinylpyrrolidone.

Although the GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel does not reduce the number of sore days or prevent canker sores from returning, it can reduce infection, pain, and temporary swelling in the mouth.

What is the difference between a canker sore and a cold sore?

There is some confusion over what the difference is between canker sores and cold sores. Both cold sores and canker sores appear near or in the mouth, and they both cause pain and swelling. However, the cause of each issue is significantly different, and the treatment for each condition is also different.

A canker sore is a mouth ulcer inside the mouth. It is not caused by a virus (although there is some scientific debate about this). Canker sores start as painful white blisters inside the mouth, that pop open a few days later, leaving a painful, red crater behind. Canker sores can take up to 15 days to fully heal and are quite painful while they remain.

While the exact cause of canker sores and mouth ulcers is unclear, they seem to occur most often when the pH balance of the mouth is off, or when a person is under higher stress than usual. Whether or not you suffer from canker sores may be genetic, or it may have to do with external factors, like diet, smoking, or the ingredients in a person’s oral hygiene products.

Cold sores, on the other hand, are viral. They are an outbreak of the HSV-1 virus, which about 80% of adults have, although not many adults have active outbreaks of cold sores.

Cold sores usually appear in the corner of the mouth as tiny, white blisters, that crack open and ooze, eventually scabbing over and healing.

Neither cold sores nor canker sores are dangerous to your overall health, but they are both painful, unsightly, and annoying.

GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel Review

This topical gel for mouth ulcers provides the following benefits:

Benefits of GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel 

Pain relief- GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel reduces pain by creating a protective layer over mouth sores, which reduces the pain of open wounds in the mouth. 

Encourage healing- Even though this topical treatment doesn’t directly speed healing, it does encourage healing by preventing bacteria and other contaminants from getting inside mouth ulcers until they are fully healed. 

Decrease inflammation- GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel contains aloe vera, which has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on canker sores.

Is it any good?

GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel is an over-the-counter topical treatment for canker sores (mouth ulcers).

GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel contains three active ingredients designed to create a protective barrier over mouth ulcers, reducing pain, and preventing the spread of infection.

Frequent users of GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel report that the gel is highly effective at reducing pain during canker sore outbreaks. The barrier is effective and can be used to treat any open wound in the mouth. In general, the gel acts as a liquid barrier bandage on mouth sores.

What type of outbreak does GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel treat?

GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel can be used to treat any canker sore inside the mouth. The gel acts as a liquid barrier between the sore and the rest of your mouth, reducing pain and inflammation.

Types of Ingredients in GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel

GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel is made from the ingredients listed below, in addition to a few thickeners and additives to allow the gel to coat the mouth ulcers effectively. If you have any sensitivities or allergies, consult the full ingredient list on the back of the GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel package before use.

  • Sodium hyaluronate
  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone
  • Aloe vera
  • Maltodextrin
  • Castor oil
  • Propylene glycol

These ingredients are designed primarily to create a protective coating over the canker sores in the mouth.

The primary benefit of this gel is to reduce pain and prevent bacteria from entering the canker sores. The gel contains food-safe glue-like ingredients to form a protective barrier over canker sores and reduce pain and inflammation. The ingredients in GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel, aside from aloe vera, do not speed healing time directly, but rather, reduce pain temporarily and help prevent infection by covering the ulcers inside the mouth.

Why Aren’t my Canker Sores Going Away?

Canker sores can pop up in anyone’s mouth, although they are more common in adults than children. Doctors don’t know if there is a cause for canker sores specifically.

Genetics, your overall health, and your stress levels are likely to play a role in whether or not you get frequent canker sore outbreaks. The following issues are often associated with canker sore outbreaks. However, this is not an exhaustive list of potential causes, and you may still get canker sores even if none of these causes are present in your life.


If you’re under a lot of stress, this can cause an upset in your mouth’s pH levels. The mouth is a part of the body that relies heavily on pH balance to fight bacteria and other invaders. When you are under stress and not sleeping enough, this can upset the delicate balance in the mouth, which could lead to a higher number of canker sore outbreaks.

Reduced Immune System

If you have a compromised immune system in some way, you are more likely to suffer from canker sores. This could be because your body has a harder time fighting off invading bacteria, which can damage your oral health in multiple ways.

Acidic Diet

Some canker sores can occur due to high levels of acid in the mouth. Smoking, drinking a lot of soda or juice, and eating acidic foods can cause a pH imbalance, potentially causing canker sores.

Vitamin Deficiencies

If you have low B vitamin and iron levels, you may have a higher risk of developing cold sores. These vitamins are important for your oral health. Ensuring your diet is high in these vitamins and minerals may help reduce the risk for canker sores.

Does GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel Cause Side Effects?

Since GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel is a topical treatment, there are few side effects. The gel does have a glue-like effect, so the biggest potential side effect is mouth irritation due to extended use.

Additionally, there are some compounds used in the gel that may cause an allergic reaction or irritation in the mouth. Check the full ingredients list carefully before using it to ensure the use of the gel is safe for you.

GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel and Mouth Ulcers

If you have frequent mouth sores, you may be a frequent user of GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel. Using the gel frequently is unlikely to cause problems, but it also cannot reduce your chances of getting outbreaks in the future. Instead of just using tube after tube of a topical gel, try these remedies instead.

Canker Sores Aren’t Healing

If your canker sores persist after 10 days, consult with a doctor. There may be an underlying reason for why your mouth sores aren’t healing faster.

Canker Sores Keep Returning

If you keep getting canker sores in an endless cycle, there may be something else going on. Avoid known triggers, like smoking, alcohol, sugar, and acidic foods, and consult with a doctor to see if something else could be causing your mouth ulcers.

Canker Sores Hurt More

If your canker sores hurt more after using GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel, gently rinse your mouth with warm water and stop using the gel.

What To Tell Your Doctor When Using GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel

Since GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel is a topical over-the-counter gel, there is no need to discuss the use of it with a doctor, unless your doctor has prescribed another topical or internal treatment to treat your canker sores.

Pros and Cons of Canker Sore Supplements

There are two types of treatments for canker sores- topical and internal.

A topical treatment treats canker sores after they have appeared, while internal treatments are designed to prevent canker sores from occurring as often.

Both types of treatments have pros and cons.

Topical Treatments


  • It can reduce pain.
  • May prevent the spread of infection.


  • It cannot prevent canker sores from returning.
  • May cause sensitivities or irritation.
  • Do not reduce how many days canker sores are active.

Internal Treatments

The pros and cons of internal treatments are as listed:


  • May reduce the number of outbreaks by addressing vitamin deficiencies.
  • It can improve the pH balance of the mouth.
  • Promote lifetime healing and reduce the number of outbreaks.


  • Vitamin deficiencies may not be the cause of your canker sores.
  • Taking a lot of supplements can be a hassle.
  • Vitamin over-dosing is possible for some vitamins.

Using GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel

Using the gel is simple. Rinse out your mouth with warm water to remove any food. Apply a thin layer of gel over the sores and allow to dry for two to three minutes before eating or drinking. Re-apply the gel as necessary to reduce pain.

If the gel causes any irritation, stop using it immediately.

GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel Review Summary

If you have a canker sore outbreak, GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel can be an effective way to manage pain and improve quality of life while your canker sores are healing.

Users report that GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel is highly effective at creating a protective barrier that prevents food and drink from getting into the ulcers, significantly reducing pain.

However, GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel does not heal canker sores and cannot speed the healing time of mouth ulcers.

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