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Natural Treatments for Balding Men & Women

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Looking for a suitable hair loss treatment? Here is a brief overview of products, herbs, and resources that are available.

# 1 -- Hair Loss Products

Hair loss products are a popular approach to try to treat and prevent hair loss as well as establish some regrowth. The main types of hair loss products include hair loss supplements, hair loss shampoos and hair loss packages.

  • rogaineMinoxidil Hair Loss Products are a popular subcategory within the market for hair loss prevention products because it is a common ingredient in hot sellers such as Rogaine, Vanarex, Mintop Forte.
  • Rogaine alone has been one of the all-time best selling hair loss treatments as well as one of the first.
  • Through the years Rogaine grew to include products for women and a newly added Rogaine foam application version.

Hair loss supplements is another category that offers hair loss sufferers popular products such as Advecia, Prolexil, Provillus, Maxahair, and Profollica.

A number of people prefer using supplements because it provides nutrition to the body. Of course, many people use internal or oral treatments in conjunction with external or topical solutions to prevent hair loss at all costs.

Hair loss shampoos are another option and include names such as Nisim Shampoo, Revivogen, Hair Genesis and Thymuskin Shampoo. Different shampoos offer different claims, such as removing oils that can cause hair follicle damage or simply strengthening the follicle and hair to prevent loss and breakage.

Hair Loss Packages are a great option because they include multiple products meant to work together.

  • Avacor is one example where products can be bought individually but may work better together as a package.
  • Scalp Med is another product that is offered as a package.
  • Follicare is yet another hair loss package that includes a revitalizing shampoo and topical spray.

Generally, these packages are divided for men and women's use and include oral treatments, topical application treatments, and shampoos, lotions or conditioners.

# 2 -- Natural Remedies

herbal supplements

# 1 -- Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto became a popular herbal supplement for helping to support prostate health. Both prostate issues and hair loss can be linked back to problems with testosterone, so Saw Palmetto became a favored treatment for hair loss after showing positive results with the prostate.

aloe vera# 2 – Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is actually gaining recognition for helping to stimulate hair regrowth. It can be taken as a supplement, used as a topical application in its original form, or in other products such as shampoos.

# 3 -- Green Tea

Green tea became well known as a DHT blocker for both men and women. Like Saw Palmetto, lower DHT means reduced risk of hair loss. The great thing about green tea is there are other health benefits including weight loss.

# 4 -- Horsetail

Users claim that horsetail helps with hair loss is because it reduces the heavy build-up of oils on the scalp, which can lead to hair loss. It is also thought to help condition the hair in addition to strengthening it.

# 3 -- Top 5 Hair Loss Vitamins

vitamin supplementsHair loss vitamins are another big player in the market when it comes to treating and preventing baldness.

While there are certainly more than five popular vitamins to use as supplements for treating hair loss, these are some of the best selling and widely requested ones.

  1. Vitamin A for Hair Loss
  2. Vitamin B for Hair Loss
  3. Vitamin C for Hair Loss
  4. Biotin for Hair Loss
  5. Omega 3 for Hair Loss

Each of these has its own properties that are the reason they are effective for treating and preventing hair loss as well as encouraging hair growth.

Doing further reading may help you understand why they work and what may work best for you.

# 4 -- Hair Loss Forums and Websites

Want a place to discuss your unique hair loss situation? How about somewhere to get helpful hair loss treatment for women tips or find natural hair loss treatment ideas that have worked for others.

Connecting with other hair loss sufferers on hair loss forums or having a valuable website full of information about this topic can be life-changing.

Some of the more popular ones include:

  • The Bald Truth – complete with a watchable show and iTunes audio just to name a few features.
  • Hair Loss Talk – chat, join a forum for discussions and even check out the women's specific section.
  • Hair Loss Help – an informative resource to learn the basics involving hair loss and new treatments available.
  • The Balding Blog – run by a doctor, this site answers questions and offers informative videos for visitors to gain insight from.
  • Regrowth.com – a place to discuss and learn about transplants and new hair loss products with reviews. Also a separate section for Female Hair Loss.
  • Rogaine.com – While the main function is to act as a sales page for their product, Rogaine offers visitors and users plenty from this site. In addition to special offers and shopping, both men and women seeking expert advice on the hair loss treatment topic can benefit from this website.

Whether it is men or women suffering hair loss to those looking for a natural hair loss treatment including vitamins, supplements or even hair loss herbs – options are available.

The bottom line really is that there are plenty of hair loss products and resources for anyone looking for a hair loss treatment these days.

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