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HairLossHelp.com Forum - Must Read Posts

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Here are the most popular and informative posts from HairLossHelp.com.


Launched in 2001, the hairlosshelp website has been a useful forum for more than 23,000 registered members who want to exchange information about hair loss.

Just as other hair loss forums such as hair loss talk and the balding blog, members of this forum can join in with the forum discussions or get professional advice from experts in the field.

Hairlosshelp.com strives to cover the full breadth of hair loss knowledge base.

Some of the sseful information about hair loss that you can find on the site range from what hair loss is, the drugs and products used in its treatment, treatment options and even finding clinics and doctors who can help around where you live.

Presentation of Hairlosshelp.com

The website presents information about hair loss, hair transplant and hair loss products first. These are presented under different headings including Hair Loss Research, Hair Loss Glossary, Hair Loss Drugs, Hair Transplant, Hair Cloning, Hair Replacement, Natural Treatments, Cosmetic Cover-ups as well as links to other hair loss resource websites.

Each of these segments is meant to help visitors and members of the site better understand an aspect of hair loss.

For example, under Natural Treatments you can learn how oils, herbs, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and other remedies formulated from combinations of these are used in the treatment of alopecia.

Under Glossary, you learn about all the terms used in the hair loss industry including those used in describing hair, hair loss, hair loss products and treatments.

Hair Loss Drugs is the section where you will find articles about such popular hair loss products like Rogaine and Propecia. The Hair Loss Research section will introduce you to the world of scientific studies through research results examining the efficacies and safeties of various hair loss products.

Hair Loss Help favors such surgical and synthetic hair replacement treatment options like hair cloning, hair transplant, hair replacement and cosmetic hair covers.

Whole sections are dedicated to these topics as well as links to doctors and clinics such as New Hair Institutes which offer such treatments.

To help new users or people who are just experiencing alopecia learn quickly about their condition, there is a special section on the Hair Loss Help website. Here, you can learn about the causes of hair loss through articles and videos, determine how much hair you are losing and read about your treatment options as well as the importance of starting treatment early.

Interacting with Hairlosshelp.com

A section called Hair Loss Answers is where you should head to get specific information about hair loss treatment options.

There, you can browse or search through the information contributed by different hair loss experts or simply pick a specific section.

The Answers section is where you can quickly find the information you need about such hair loss terms as DHT, Minoxidil, Rogaine, Nizoral, Saw Palmetto, Hair Growth Cycle, Female Hair Loss, Hair Transplant etc.

Active members of Hair Loss Help can also create their own photo blog and personal website from the Hair Loss Community section on the home page.

Such users can daily update their personal blogs with reports and pictures to show the results of their hair loss treatments.

By documenting their progresses, other users can learn which hair loss products work and what they can expect from different treatments.

A new addition to the Hair Loss Help website is Hair Loss News. This section is presented in forum format.

These news items are run as threads and can be started by any registered member. Other members can read, reply and contribute to such news.

This News section and the actual Forum promote active interaction among members, visitors and hair loss experts on Hair Loss Help.

The Hairlosshelp.com Advantage

By combining both user-generated information and expert’s professional opinions, Hair Loss Help goes further than most hair loss forums.

It gathers user experiences to present the most diverse stream of opinions from actual users. 

However, user-generated opinions do not always represent the most professional opinion.

It is easy for ordinary users to misinterpret research findings or the effects of hair loss products. Therefore, expert reviews and moderations are needed to balance this pool of individual opinions.

Hair Loss Help has experts who oversee the site and contribute to its knowledge base.

It is important to trust expert opinion on hair loss products and treatment options. But to gain a better perspective from those who are already using these products and treatments, the forum is the best destination.

Top Forum Topics

With the vast amount of useful activity that goes on at hairlosshelp.com, we thought you could get a better idea of what it is all about by taking a look at the five most popular posts from the site.

# 1 -- Fin Users and Issues with Acne, Shedding or Sore Scalp

This post has been getting a good deal of activity. The original post was a call to other Fin users to see if any others were suffering from acne, shedding or a sore scalp.

The feedback has been somewhat mixed over time, though there does seem to be many other members who experience these issues.

Most suggest sticking with the 15 months it is supposed to take to see hair loss improvements and find ways to take care of the acne.

# 2 -- CB-03-01

This popular post has generated a good deal of immediate activity.

The post started with a discussion on Kouting, and its release of a product called CB-03-01.

Those who were currently using Kouting RU were considering switching over to this new product. Even those who had never used a Kouting product were talking about the new product's potential.

# 3 -- Perfect Image Solutions

This post is a discussion on Perfect Image Solutions 15%.

There was some speculation about the post. Many members suspected that it was a tactic to generate buzz about Perfect Image Solutions. This was highlighted due to the sudden favorable reviews that the product received on Amazon.

# 4 -- Seeking Treatment

Started by a 24-year-old seeking advice for how to get started on the road to hair loss treatment, the post didn't get quite as much feedback as one might expect.

However, several fellow members did get involved in this dicussion and have shared their experiences.

Suggestions for Fin, Minox and Nizoral have been the main suggestions. Over time there still may be more answers that trickle in as is the case for #5 on this list.

# 5 -- Advice for Best Topical Regimen

The member who launched this thread had been through a gambit of other products and wanted advice from others about another possible topical treatment to try.

Although the responses were not quite as plentiful as one might think on a hair loss talk forum, the advice has continued for several months, and there were a number of forum members involved.

Many of the suggestions were very in depth, though, and would be helpful for anyone looking to start with various hair loss products to prevent and possibly reverse hair loss.

HairLossHelp.com has many popular hair loss discussion topics ranging from hair loss treatments to the latest news, to surgical hair restoration, and more.

It is a good platform to discuss your hair problems as well as to get more insight on various hair loss products or treatments.

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