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Top 5 Posts - Hair Loss Talk Forum

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Here are 5 must read posts from the hairlosstalk.com forum.

HairLossTalk started way back in 1999. Today, what you see on the site is the outcome of many years of information and content shared by site members.

The site sees approximately 350,000 visitors a month.

Initially, the target audience for the site was men. However, a survey showed that 30% of their users were women, and so HairlossTalk expanded into a site for men as well as women.

Hairlosstalk.com describes itself as the hair loss social network. To live up to that claim the site provides more than just forums where users can simply read and contribute posts. Hair Loss Talk also provides a chat feature for experts and users to communicate in real time.

Presentation Of Hairlosstalk.com

The website is presented to give users quick access to its main sections.

Right from the homepage, visitors can access news and research findings related to hair loss. Currently, this section is not up-to-date but visitors can still find relevant information there.

In addition, there is a section designed to serve as guide for people experiencing hair loss. Here is the summary of everything you need to act immediately to stop and reverse your alopecia.

This section is complemented by the product section where you can find hair loss products, new and old, and read expert reviews about their efficacies, safety and prices.

To interact with and get support from other users and moderators, you need to register with the site and head to its forums.

Hair Loss Talk allows you to set up a personal page, much like a blog or a social network page. You can regularly post photos and status messages on your personal page. You can also determine how often and for which kinds of messages you want to be alerted.

Hairlosstalk.com As A Social Network

Hair Loss Talk encourages active participation from its users. The photo blogs or journals are one of the features which make the site fulfill its function as a social network.

Each registered member can post their before and after pictures. These pictures can help such members and others see clearly how their hair loss treatments are working.

Photo evidences are more convincing that words, and Hair Loss Talk believes pictures can demonstrate the efficacy (or otherwise) of hair loss products and treatments better.

Another social network feature of Hair Loss Talk is Online Chat.

Members can arrange a conference chat during which moderators, users and experts gather to hold live discussions online. For those who missed the chat sessions, Hair Loss Talk provides a means to read the old transcripts.

Despite its social network aspirations, Hair Loss Talk is currently not so active. These chat sessions are not regular and old transcripts are still not available. Also, the news section has no recent news reports.

Still, Hair Loss Talk’s forums are thriving and regularly updated. There are a lot of active discussions covering about every area of hair loss treatment.

The site has a strong inclination towards exhaustively discussing hair loss products and treatment options. For this reason, it is a good resource for people seeking effective solutions for their alopecia.

Pros and Cons of Hair Loss Forums

Hair Loss Forums such as Hair Loss Talk are essential resources for gathering information about alopecia. They are useful for both new and old users whether their hairs are only beginning to thin or have gone bald.

Since hair loss forums aggregate user experience they offer the best real-world advices from people who are experiencing the same thing you are. Product reviews on the threads of hair loss forums are short and mostly true.

Companies selling hair loss products will definitely praise their products and write ad copies to show the best sides of their products. However, user contributions on hair loss forums can help you know which of these products actually work and what side effects to expect while using them.

Furthermore, contributing to hair loss forums is not only a great way to share your own experiences but a good way to discover new products and new treatment options.

Since only the big pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies have the marketing muscle to mount a big product campaign, smaller companies especially those offering natural hair loss products are often unknown.

Yet most of these natural products are just as effective as the synthetic ones and also provides far less side effects.

However, you should not solely depend on hair loss forums for information regarding your alopecia treatment.

The views on these forums can be biased especially if a handful of users provide most of the contributions.

In addition, hair loss forums should not replace expert opinions as the primary source of information and recommendations regarding your hair loss problems. Your doctor and/or expert reviews online should serve that role. 

Top Forum Topics

At sites like hairlosstalk, regrowth.com and hairlosshelp there are usually “hot button” topics such as hair loss treaatments, hair loss drugs hair replacment that are commonly discussed.

Members can also share experiences and express the newest approaches to dealing with hair loss.

When reviewing the hair loss talk forum there were five topics that were extremely popular with site members and got a major amount of discussion.

# 1 -- “Can You Cycle Fin to Maintain Effectiveness?”

This is one of the top posts at hairlosstalk.com. There is plenty of feedback on the issue, but the main responses offer great insight.

  • One user claims the body can develop a tolerance for Propecia
  • Some also said that Propecia blocks an average of 70% of DHT
  • Another member claims that just shy of four years using it, the Propecia use has shown a slight slowing down
  • Another member shared on the forum that he had used Propecia for nearly four years, and his hair loss is finally showing signs of decreasing
  • Many other forum members share their experience with Finasteride

# 2 -- Propecia in General

Propecia is a well-known name in the hair loss industry. Forum members discuss:

  • What their doctors have to say about it
  • Cutting pills
  • Costs of the pills
  • Whether or not it is effective at all

# 3 -- DHT & Sebum

Site members suffering from hair loss discuss:

  • Whether internal drugs or topical solutions are better for treatment
  • Whether Accutane has an effect on thinning hair
  • The impact glycolic acid peels may have on hair loss suffers
  • The interaction of DHT and Sebum

# 4 -- Bimatoprost and Regrowth

Hair loss talk forum users brought up:

  • How this product has been used to help women grow eyelashes
  • The concern for how it can change iris color in eyes when used for lashes
  • Users also shared videos to demonstrate what the possible effects are
  • There were also discussions on the cost for this regrowth solution 

# 5 -- Sharing Experiences about RU58841

  • Possible side effects and those which have been reported
  • How to use this
  • What to expect
  • And even how to store it

If you suffer from hair loss, keep in mind - you are not alone. There are thousands of people that suffer from hair loss, and you can get plenty of insight by using the hairlosstalk website. 

You can share your experiences that you have had with various products such as Rogaine, Prolexil, and more.

Or you can post questions and get real answers from people who know what you are going through. You can also join in a Live Chat online with other forum members, as well read the latest published studies.

Discuss your troubles on hair loss forums and find new solutions by visiting hairlosstalk.com.

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