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Relieve Anal Itching Using Acupuncture

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Are you suffering from painful and bleeding hemorrhoids? Try Acupuncture, an effective Chinese method that claims to provide relief from hemorrhoids symptoms.

Hemorrhoids are painful and they can make your life truly miserable. If you are tired of the itching, burning, and irritation down there then you have come to the right place. 

Though there are several hemorrhoid products available in the market, the type of treatment greatly depends on the severity of the condition. 

Recently, a new revolutionary method for healing hemorrhoids has been making waves. It is called Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese way to heal hemorrhoids

Many people have hemorrhoids but they do nothing about them. Some are too shy to even talk about them. 

Acupuncture claims to effectively heal hemorrhoids and make your life trouble-free. But, will it work for you? Let’s find out: 

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine therapy originated in ancient China.

It is used mostly in the treatment of pain and nausea by placing needles in the skin. The points at which these needles are placed are known as acupuncture points.

Simply placing needles is not the way to use acupuncture; these needles are also manipulated to provide relief from pain.

Acupuncture needles are mostly made from stainless steel wire. When they are used repeatedly, it is important to have them sterilized before reuse.

Acupuncture Points

Acupuncture points are located along the meridians of the body. Meridians are the channels through which qi flows. Qi is believed in traditional Chinese medicine to be responsible for normal functioning of the body.

Practitioners of acupuncture believe that when the flow of qi is blocked at any point of the meridian, then the body will show signs of ill health since it is not properly functioning.

However, acupuncture points can be found outside of the meridians. Those found outside of the meridian are called extraordinary points.

A third group of acupuncture points exists; these, unlike the other acupuncture points, have no fixed locations and are mostly associated with chronic pain.

Currently, there are over 670 identified acupuncture points. With the inclusion of the ear as a body part for delivering acupuncture relief, this number has since increased.

Basically, acupuncture allows the treatment of certain medical conditions or the relief of pain in one part of the body from another body part.

The basic foundation of acupuncture is the belief that different parts of the body are linked together through the meridians. Therefore, it is possible to unblock a meridian from an acupuncture point to produce a desirable effect at a different point far from the acupuncture point.

In the practice of acupuncture, the body has been divided into different zones. Each specific point in the zone is identified by an alphanumeric code which serves as a guide to all acupuncturists.

Acupuncture and Hemorrhoids

Acupuncture is a recognized treatment for mild to moderate hemorrhoids. It can help relieve the pain, shrink the swollen tissues and blood vessels and stop any bleeding associated with hemorrhoids.

The acupuncture points for treating hemorrhoids can be found on the lower legs and ears. Sometimes the arms are also used.

Common acupuncture points used in the treatment of piles include Ciliao or BL 32, Huiyang or BL 35, Chengshan or BL 37 and Changqiang or DU 1.

Other identified acupuncture points used to provide relief for sufferers of hemorrhoids are Chengful or BL 36 which is right below the buttocks at the back of the thigh; Yinmen or BL 37 which is 6cm below Chengful; Fuxi or BL 38; Weiyang or BL 39; and Weizhong or BL 40 which are 8cm further lower and found behind the knees.

For prolapsed hemorrhoids, the cause in acupuncture is referred to as the Prolapse of Qi and the acupuncture points for treatment are on the top of the head.

Generally, acupuncture can provide relief from pain due to the hemorrhoids and also strain during bowel movements.

For some people, it provides total cure while others need to combine acupuncture with other remedies to fully cure their hemorrhoids.

How Does It Work? 

Acupuncture works on the central nervous system, by focusing on the sufferer’s overall health and immune system. It is also effective in relieving hemorrhoids symptoms. 

Acupuncture heals the hemorrhoids by finding out specific patterns in the body. The observation then is coupled with the acupuncture recommendations. 

This Chinese method works by identifying the body points that need to be dealt with in order to heal hemorrhoids. 

The body points identified through observation are connected to the nerve paths that lead to the anal area. 

Acupuncture aids in getting rid of the blood stasis and encourages blood flow to the rectal region. 

This heals the inflamed area and stimulates the growth of new tissues. 

Another acupuncture approach

Another interesting acupuncture approach for healing hemorrhoids is to identify the particular hemorrhoid points located in the sacrum bone areas. 

The affected region is treated with 7-star acupuncture needles to reduce the inflammation, swelling or irritation. This must be done at least once in every seven days. 

Although hemorrhoids are a condition mainly associated with the anal area, you will be surprised to know that the initial acupuncture treatment is performed on the ears. 

According to the Chinese method, the ear nerves are associated with the rectal or anal region. Thus, acupuncture performed on the ears can help in alleviating the hemorrhoids symptoms. 

Chinese Medicine & Herbs for Hemorrhoids 

You may consider taking Chinese medicine and herbs along with the acupuncture method to quickly alleviate the pain, swelling, and irritation. 

The Ma Ying Long Musk hemorrhoids ointment is effective in soothing the pain, irritation, and burning at the anal area. 

It contains the goodness of seven traditional Chinese herbs: Musk, Amber, Calamine, Bezoar, Pearl, Borneol, Vaseline, and Lanolin. 

Mayinglong Musk hemorrhoids ointment must be applied twice a day on the affected area for quick relief from pain. 

The ointment moisturizes the anal region and this reduces itching and dryness around the affected area. It also shrinks the swollen tissues to facilitate easy bowel movements. 

The calamine reduces the size of blood vessels, and thus alleviates the root cause of hemorrhoids. It is effective for both internal and external hemorrhoids.

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