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Review of Renalis vs Uriflow

There are a few products on the market that help break up kidney stones, this is a review of two of those products, the first one is our product Renalis.


Renalis – Helpful for Kidney Function

Renalis addresses diet-related kidney stone formation. As diet is an important component to general kidney function, the nutrients found in Renalis support healthy kidney function and may discourage stone formation.

Natural Therapies, including Renalis, may help to ease the pain and spasm that accompanies stone passage, while ensuring kidney health and limiting the potential for future stone formation. Renalis can help you reach your current treatment goals, while supporting kidney health and preventing stone recurrence.

Studies have indicated that the ingredients contained in Renalis can be used to effectively manage kidney stone symptoms and to prevent their formation.

In fact, not only does Renalis possess the potential to prevent condition onset, it may also assist in speeding the recovery time from damage caused by the passing of stones and or hematuria.

The Renalis ingredients include:

  • Hydrangea
  • Chanca Piedra
  • Aloe Vera
  • Magnesium citrate
  • Vitamin B6

These ingredients work synergistically to ensure nutritional adequacy.

By doing this they promote the health of your urinary tract, exerting an alkali loading effect, providing reductions of urinary calcium levels, and assisting with the passage of developed stones. Overall, Renalis may provide you with the best option for maintaining kidney health and reducing your chance of stone formation.

To learn more about Renalis, click here.


*Note: ProgressiveHealth.com does not carry any of the following product. This is simply a review for informational purposes:

Uriflow - Formulated for Kidney Stones

Uriflow controls the kidneys internal environment and directs minerals and pH levels into a stone disintegrating state and eliminates stones painlessly. Uriflow has a unique 4 step therapeutic action that includes:

  • Breaking down the stone surface - Uriflow causes the stones tiny particles to separate and dissolve back into your urine. As soon as you take Uriflow it immediately goes to work within your kidneys and begins to mobilize the stone by shrinking it.
  • Flushes out stone fragment with urinary flow - Once the stone becomes smaller it stops pushing against the sensitive urinary lining and starts moving with ease without causing damage or pain.
  • Protects urinary infections by protecting the tract - Usually when a kidney stone has passed without treatment, there is a good chance that there will be a burning sensation from the painful exit. This is a sign of a urinary infection caused by the irritation to the urinary tract. Uriflow has properties that protect the urinary system from any such infections or inflammation.
  • Prevents kidneys from forming stones again - Since kidney stones recur in almost 70% of patients, it is of extreme importance to prevent them. Uriflow's 100% natural formulation has been designed so that it can also be taken as a daily supplement to prevent stones from occurring in the future.

 Uriflow contains the following ingredients, some of these herbs are so exclusive that less than 1% of urinary support formulas have them:

  • Boerhaavia Diffusa
  • Crataeva Nurvala
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Lawsonia Inermis
  • Bergenia Ligulata
  • Ficus Racemosa
  • Didymocarpus Pedicellata
  • Achyranthes Aspera
  • Raphanus Sativus
  • Hemidesmus Indicus
  • Asphaltum