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Review of Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment

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Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment contains 7 traditional Chinese medicines: musk, artificial bezoars, pearl, borneol, amber, calamine, and borax.

*Note: ProgressiveHealth.com does not carry Musk Ointment. The following review is simply for informational purposes: 

If you are looking for an effective hemorrhoids product then consider using Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment. It contains the goodness of seven traditional Chinese medicines. 

The Ma Ying Long Musk hemorrhoids ointment is known to effectively soothe, relieve and heal the hemorrhoids. But, will it work for you? Let’s find out. 

The product brings together effective eastern and Chinese ingredients to prepare a natural and effective treatment for anal fissures.

The product claims to: 

  • Shrink swollen hemorrhoid tissue
  • Remove decayed tissues
  • Clean away toxic material
  • Relieve hemorrhoid pain
  • Stimulate new tissue growth
  • Reduce heat and inflammation 

The musk hemorrhoidal ointment is slightly grayish-yellow or pinkish in color. It has a good smell and cool feeling. 

This hemorrhoids ointment removes all toxic material from the affected area, clears away the decayed tissues, and encourages new tissue growth. 

How Does It Work? 

Mayinglong musk hemorrhoids ointment contains ingredients that are useful against hemorrhoids. It shrinks the swollen tissues to facilitate easy bowel movements. 

The ointment moisturizes the anal area and keeps it from drying out. This reduces itching and dryness around the affected area. 

The calamine reduces the size of blood vessels, and thus alleviates the root cause of hemorrhoids symptoms. 

Directions For Use: 

You must apply Mayinglong musk hemorrhoids ointment twice a day. Cleanse the affected area thoroughly with mild soap and warm water.

When used for external hemorrhoids, apply the medication directly to the affected area. 

When used for internal hemorrhoids, gently insert the syringe into the rectum, push the appropriate amount of gel inside and throw away the used syringe. 

What Are The Ingredients? 

Calamine: This ingredient is used to relieve pain, itching, irritation, and discomfort caused by internal and external hemorrhoids. It also reduces the size of blood vessels, and thus alleviates the root cause of the problem. 

Bezoar: This is a stone or mass found in the mammalian digestive system. No documented medicinal use. 

Pearl: The powdered form of Pearl is used as a traditional Chinese medicine to heal various skin conditions. 

Clinical studies have shown that pearls contain proteins, amino acids, trace elements, and minerals. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in relieving pain. 

Borneol: This traditional Chinese medicine belongs to the group of terpene alcohols. It is abundantly found in rosemary oil. It can be used as a local anesthetic, a skin tonic, sedative, and antispasmodic. 

Vaseline: It acts as a moisturizer to heal dry, scaly, itchy, rough, skin and minor skin irritations. 

Lanolin: It is a greasy matter with chemical similarity to wax. 

What Are The Side Effects? 

Calamine: Though there are no serious side effects, some people may experience allergic reactions such as rash, itching, swelling, dizziness, and trouble breathing. 

You must immediately seek medical help if the symptoms persist.

Vaseline can be used safely with no side effects. However, sometimes burning, redness, stinging, or irritation may occur. 

If any of these symptoms persist or worsen, call your doctor immediately. 

Where To Buy? 

You can buy Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment at Amazon.com 

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