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Now: Thyroid Energy

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Now: Thyroid energy is a supplement that claims to help alleviate the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Find out how it works and if it is effective.

Hypothyroidism is a medical condition wherein the thyroid gland does not produce the right amount of thyroid hormone that is needed by the body. Low thyroid hormone levels in the body can lead to the slowing of chemical metabolism causes symptoms like weight gain and fatigue.

Low thyroid hormone levels are otherwise known as hypothyroid, underactive thyroid, or myxedema.

The condition commonly affects women aged 50 and above, but it can also affect anyone. The disorder is not curable, but despite this fact, it is manageable.

When you suffer from hypothyroidism you should take medication right away to help alleviate the symptoms and improve your condition. Leaving your condition untreated may lead to more complications that may affect your health and your life as well.

What is Now: Thyroid Energy?

Now: Thyroid Energy is one treatment designed for hypothyroidism. It is a supplemental medication that contains a supportive kind of formula that targets the thyroid gland.

The formula contains a combination of Vitamins B12, Vitamin B6, Iodine, Folate, L Tyrosine, Iodine, Copper, Organic Kelp, Guggul Standardized Extract, Zinc, Trace Mineral Concentrate, Selenium, and Ashwagandha Extract.  This provides a complete nutritional supplement that supports the function of the thyroid gland and keeps it healthy.

It is also effective in supporting glandular activity as well.

The two important elements that this medication has are L tyrosine and iodine which act in the storage of fats and increasing the person’s metabolism. It also contains folic acid which is important especially for women suffering from the condition.

The B vitamins in the supplement work to increase the person’s energy storage.

The Ashwagandha extract, on the other hand, is a herb that relieves dehydration, chronic fatigue, weakness of the bone and muscle, muscular tension, thirst, impotency, loosening of the teeth, memory loss, degenerative disorders in the neuro area, constipation, debility, premature aging, senility, nervous exhaustion, emaciation, and rheumatism – some of which are common symptoms of the condition.

Guggul extract is another herb that is known to reduce bad cholesterol as well as improve the functioning of the thyroid gland. The mineral selenium is known to improve the skin’s health, while the other remaining ingredients of this dietary supplement are known to provide numerous health benefits that keep the body healthy and in top shape.

So, aside from alleviating the symptoms and effects of hypothyroidism, Now: Thyroid Energy also helps promote overall wellness.

Recommended Dosage of Now: Thyroid Energy

Its serving size is two capsules and it is recommended to be taken twice daily.

Like other thyroid medications, you should take it when your stomach is empty or before eating anything to prevent any interactions.

If you experience any nausea while taking the supplement on an empty stomach, try taking it with a meal. If you continue to experience nausea, make sure to let your doctor know so that a replacement can be made.

Advantages and Disadvantage of Now: Thyroid Energy

Because Now: Thyroid Energy is a dietary supplement that is not usually prescribed by a doctor, you will definitely have to make the decision alone if you plan to buy and use the product. Hence it is a good idea to first weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to buy it.

An advantage of Now: Thyroid Energy is its ingredients.

A combination of tyrosine, iodine, and many other supplements has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of hypothyroidism, but aside from that, the product has also been shown to improve the performance of the body as well. Although it is not as strong as synthetic thyroid medication, it contains a lot of natural ingredients that have other positive effects on the body.

Another good thing about the product is that it does not cause the side effects common for most synthetic thyroid medication.

On the downside, this medication may or may work or may not work on everyone – so it may produce or not produce the results that you desire. Also, there is a question on the improvement of the thyroid hormones when one uses this kind of dietary supplement.

It is also quite expensive and once purchased there is no more money-back guarantee.

Caution on Now: Thyroid Energy

While the supplement can be bought anytime, it is recommended that patients consult their doctors first before taking it. Let your doctor know that you plan to take Now: Thyroid Energy as it may interfere or cause an interaction with other medications that you may be taking. The supplement must also be cautiously taken by patients who take different kinds of medication.

Precaution for patients who take
Thyroid medications
Antidepressant medication such as MAO Inhibitors

There is still an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of this dietary supplement.

Thus, you must weigh the risks when planning to take this medication and discuss things thoroughly with your trusted physician about this kind of dietary supplement.

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