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Preparation H Suppositories Reviewed

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Preparation H Suppositories contain cocoa butter and shark liver oil as protectants and Phenylephrine HCl as a vasoconstrictor.

*Note: ProgressiveHealth.com does not carry Preparation H Suppositories. The following review is simply for informational purposes: 

Preparation H Suppositories claim to provide fast relief from hemorrhoids symptoms such as anal swelling, itching, burning, and discomfort. 

These hemorrhoid suppositories are effective in soothing the irritated hemorrhoidal tissues. But will they work for you? Let’s find out. 

Preparation H Suppositories are meant for adults only. They must be inserted in the rectal area, not swallowed. 

In case you swallow the medication by mistake, contact the Poison Control Center and get help immediately. 

Preparation H Suppositories

Preparation H suppositories contain 85.9% cocoa butter and 0.25% phenylephrine HCl.

The cocoa butter acts as a base for the phenylephrine HCl and also as a protectant on the soft tissues of the anal canal. When applied it melts, covers, and lubricates the membranes of the anorectal surface.

The phenylephrine HCl, on the other hand, is absorbed into the body where it acts as a local vasoconstrictor. 

This active ingredient reduces the sizes of the swollen, engorged veins making up hemorrhoids. In this way, it shrinks the hemorrhoid tissue and restores normal blood flow to the affected area.

Because phenylephrine HCl is easily absorbed into the body and transported away from the site of hemorrhoids, it could act at other sites in the body.

For this reason, people who also suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease, and urinary incontinence due to prostate enlargement are advised to consult with their doctors before using Preparation H suppositories.

How to Use Preparation H Suppositories

First, cleanse the affected area with a hemorrhoid pad or wipe. Cleanse gently by patting or blotting over the hemorrhoids. Then blot or pat dry with a soft cloth or tissue.

Remove a suppository from the strip of Preparation H suppositories and hold it so that its rounded end is right up. Peel back the foil wrapper from the suppository by slowly pulling back the foil on both sides of the suppository.

Gently remove the suppository from its wrapper and insert it into the rectum. Repeat up to 4 times daily.

The best times to use Preparation H suppositories are at night before you go to bed, in the morning after your bowel movement, and during the day after each bowel movement.

Store the rest of the suppositories at 20-25°C (68-77°F).

How Does It Work? 

Preparation H Suppositories work from the inside to heal the hemorrhoid tissues and alleviate the symptoms to facilitate easy bowel movements. The Suppositories: 

  • Relieve local itching, burning, and discomfort
  • Shrink hemorrhoidal tissue
  • Temporarily coat the anal area
  • Temporarily reduce the inflammation 

You must clean the anal rectal area with warm water and mild soap before using the product.

They can be used as many as four times per day if required. 

Preparation H Suppositories come with a unique applicator for the user to insert the medication easily. 

When inserted, they melt and release the ingredients to alleviate the hemorrhoid symptoms from the inside. 

What Are The Ingredients? 

Cocoa butter contains a variety of chemicals, including antioxidants called flavonoids.

It aids in relaxing the veins and reducing the pain. It also keeps the medication from melting too quickly. 

Phenylephrine HCl: This ingredient is known to provide temporary relief from common hemorrhoid symptoms such as swelling, burning, pain, and irritation. 

It contains phenylephrine that acts upon the blood vessels to make them narrow temporarily. This reduces the discomfort when passing bowels. 

Shark liver oil: This effective ingredient is widely used for healing hemorrhoids symptoms.

The anti-inflammatory properties of shark liver oil soothe the affected area and speed up the healing process. 

What Are The Side Effects? 

Phenylephrine HCl does not have any major side effects.

However, in some cases, it may cause mild pain and sting in the rectal area. Call your doctor immediately if the symptoms persist. 

Are There Any Drug Interactions?

Phenylephrine HCl may interact with some prescription or nonprescription/ herbal products such as: 

MAO inhibitors (linezolid, moclobemide, procarbazine, rasagiline, selegiline, isocarboxazid, furazolidone, phenelzine, tranylcypromine). 

It may also interact with blood pressure medications (metoprolol, guanethidine); and antidepressants (amitriptyline, venlafaxine). 

Cocoa butter may interact with medications and supplements such as: 

Adenosine, Clozapine, Dipyridamole, Ergotamine, Lithium, Beta-adrenergic agonists, Antidiabetes drugs, Phenylpropanolamine, and Theophylline. 

Are They Safe For Use During Pregnancy? 

Some medicines should not be used during pregnancy. However, this suppository does not contain any unsafe ingredients. 

Though there is no information available regarding the use of this medicine during breastfeeding, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before use. 

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