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Regrowth.com - Top Forum Posts

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Explore and discover the top forum posts on Regrowth.com

For those who suffer with hair loss issues, the editor of the Regrowth website and founder of The Regrowth Network wants his work to be about helping these people.

John Ertel's mission with these projects is to inform and empower hair loss sufferers with the most current and accurate data in the business.

As someone who has been able to treat his own hair loss with great success, Ertel wants members to be aware of options to make the best informed decision for themselves.

To get an idea of what visitors to the site will find, here is a sampling of some of the most recent hair loss forum posts up to this date.

An Overview of Regrowth.com

Regrowth.com is an information hub dedicated to everything about hair loss.

The site is arranged in sections which are easy to navigate. A whole section is given to each of the following sub-headings: Hair Loss Treatments, Hair Transplant, Female Hair Loss, Hair Loss Products & Reviews, Hair Loss Forums and Hair Loss Articles.

On the homepage, recent news about all aspects of hair loss including new products, new treatments and the findings of new studies are displayed. These are updated very quickly too.

However, the strongest resource on Regrowth.com is actually the Hair Loss Forums.

The forums can be viewed by anyone but you need to join the site to contribute to threads. The forum page classifies all topics and contribution in ten categories.

The first category is meant for those new to the site and it spells out the rules of the community. The other categories are dedicated to specific fields of hair loss.

For example, women experiencing hair loss have a special forum to discuss their needs and experiences. Similarly, people interested in natural hair treatments have a category all to themselves. Of course, a user can contribute to multiple categories and start threads in any of these.

Currently, the most active category is General Hair Loss Discussions. It has the highest page views, posts and topics. Treatments and Natural Treatment forums are also very active.

Each category is a folder of many pages. The General Hair Loss Discussions forum, for example, has over 500 pages with about 40 topics per page.

Any user can start a topic thread and each thread is open to anyone. Some threads are so active they span multiple pages and have thousands of views.

The thread topic Renokin on the first page of General Hair Loss Discussions category currently has 23 pages itself. It has over 200 replies and has been viewed over 50,000 times.

The Renokin thread was started in September 2010 and the last post was written in September 2011. The thread discusses Renokin Hair Revitalizing Program and its product which is manufactured in South Korea.

This long thread extensively discusses the pros and cons of the hair loss treatment as contributed users who tried the treatment program and also the cost benefits.

Sites such as Regrowth.com which allows users to contribute their experiences and opinions have their merits and demerits.

Gathering information about hair loss remedies and treatments is good way of researching these solutions if you are looking for answers. Instead of trying out different hair loss products, the experiences of other users can guide you to cut back a long list of options.

Sellers will also advertise their products with impressive PR copies and figures backing their claims. These are not always true, and it can be hard separating the real truth from the buzzwords. In this way, forums like the one on Regrowth.com helps you find out if a given hair loss product actually works.

Furthermore, visiting these forums is often how great products are discovered. Maybe you haven’t heard of the hair loss product that works for quite a lot of people or people with the same hair loss experience as you. When you go through the threads, you often learn about new treatments or new ways to use your current hair loss products.

However, for all its benefits, forums such as the ones on Regrowth.com are not without bias. User-generated information cannot substitute for real product reviews from real experts.

Sometimes, a product is hyped on forums because it worked for a few people who are the most active members of the online community. Other times, a product is not given enough credit for the same reasons.

In addition, you should not let the one isolated bad experience you read from such forums color your judgment. The truth is there is no one hair loss product that works for everyone.

Some people believe solely in all-natural remedies; others want results from clinical trials and years of research before supporting a solution. You should also know that what works perfectly for others may not produce similar results for you.

Still, overall Regrowth.com is a valuable tool in learning about hair loss and its products. Trusting contributions from actual users is still better than believing hair loss product ads. However, the best source of information should be expert reviews and the recommendation of your doctor.

General Hair Loss Discussion

There are plenty of threads under the topic of General Hair Loss Discussion at Regrowth.com, but probably the current top forum post in this section is Avodart vs. Propecia.

  • This is an interesting topic as it brings up the pros and cons of both hair loss prevention products.
  • The author starting the post stated that Propecia was effective for more than a decade, then lost effectiveness and caused side effects such as mood issues and libido problems.
  • The author also mentioned side effects from beginning Avodart, but claims these ended and actual hair regrowth began.
  • Though the thread began more than a year ago, the topic remains a hot one with the most recent post up to this date.
  • With more than eight pages worth of commentary, this is a thread filled with worthy feedback.

Another popular thread under this topic was - Used Propecia and Then Quit due to Side Effects.

  • The person posting the original topic asked other site members to share their experiences with Propecia including the length of time used, side effects and if other users found changes to their hair after discontinuing Propecia use.
  • Because side effects were the main purpose of the post, this was the focus. Many reported no real side effects, while the most common one reported was decreased libido.
  • Some of the libido related side effect claims were more severe stating actual testicular pain or sexual dysfunction.

Treatments Discussion

Of course, the discussion over treatments is always a hot button topic.

Under this topic, one of the the threads that generated quite a discussion was - New to Hair loss: Propecia, Procerin, Nisim? What Are Your Thoughts?

  • As expected, the different forum users had different opinions on hair loss products such as Nisim, Propecia, Nizoral and more.
  • Some feedback came from forum members who had even been part of clinical studies for hair loss products.
  • One contributor suggested that the user posting the question try out products such as Propecia, Minox
  • Safety, effectiveness and even price were all touched on for various hair loss products.

As you can see, websites such as regrowth.com, hairlosshelp and hair loss talk provide useful information on a variety of different hair loss topics.  

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