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Renalis Questions?

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Find answers to common questions about Renalis.


What are the most common types of Kidney Stones?

of kidney stones will be calcium in nature; more specifically, calcium oxalate stones.  The other main stones include Uric Acid stones, Cysteine stones, and Ammonium magnesium phosphate stones, or Struvites.  Rarer stones include; xanthine, triamterene, silicate, and matrix calculi.  Crystal formation and type are dependent upon temperature, pH, and concentration in urine. [top]

Are there any other stones besides the kidney variety?

Yes.  Other areas where stones may occur are in the Ureter and Bladder.  Interestingly, the shape of a stone is paralleled to its location within the urinary tract. [top]

I heard my Doctor mention ESWL as a possible treatment but didn't understand what it was.  What is ESWL and what does it do?

ESWL is an abbreviation for Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy.  This method of treatment uses a special instrument that emits sound (shock) waves to break apart existing kidney stones.  The smaller pieces can then (more easily) travel through the urinary tract and pass out of the body.  The process begins by lying on a water-filled cushion.  The surgeon/physician uses x rays or an ultrasound test to locate the stone.  Once its location has been verified, high-energy sound waves pass through your body without injury and work to break the stone into passable pieces. 

The process will take about an hour.  It is not uncommon for you to receive a sedative or local anesthetic to ease any discomfort.  Your surgeon may use a stent if your stones are larger than 2.5cm, or 1 inch. [top]

What is a Stent?

A (ureteral) stent is a small silicone or plastic tube that is placed inside the natural passage of the urinary tract.  It may be used as an adjunct to any aggressive kidney stone treatment, including cystoscopy, ESWL, and percutaneous nephrolithotomy.  It is placed cystoscopically, with one end being used to curl in the bladder, the other, to curl in the kidney.  Due to its multiple perforations, the stent will allow urine to drain from the kidney down the ureter, and to the bladder.  It is most commonly employed to bypass a stone, relieve obstruction, or keep the ureter from swelling shut after a surgical procedure.  If you require a stent, your doctor will advise for the reason it was needed.  Keep in mind that stents need to be removed regularly, as they can acquire build up similar to those seen in a stone, subsequently making its removal very difficult. [top]

Is diet and nutrition supplementation really needed if I have a kidney stone?

Yes.  In America, The National Kidney Foundation states that persons with kidney stones, or recurrent stones, "need to follow a special diet."  Depending on the type of stone you have, dietary adequacy is critical in the treatment and prevention of potential stone formation.  For example; excess sodium results in the loss of calcium through urine, putting you at an increased risk for developing a kidney stone.  Therefore a recommendation of limiting sodium to 2,000-3,000mg may be warranted by your physician.  If you are prone to kidney stones, dietary modifications such as reducing animal proteins in the diet, adequate hydration, nutritional supplementation, and avoiding foods high in oxalates, may be recommended to lessen the chance of stone formation in some at-risk individuals as well.  Progressive Health always recommends checking with your doctor or dietitian to be sure that your diet is specific enough to prevent stones from forming. [top]

If I decide to order Renalis, are Progressive Health's products sent discreetly?

Yes; Progressive Health respects your privacy.  All orders will be shipped in a plain, unmarked envelope with a return address from Progressive Health Nutraceuticals Inc. (For more information about our shipping and billing policies, see Shipping and Billing below) [top]

What results should I expect?

Every person's body chemistry is different and results vary. Some notice dramatic results within the first few days, others notice gradual differences over a period of time. The average time span for starting to achieve results reported by our customers is between 30-60 days of taking our products.

Due to the fact that our products are all-natural, there is no way to accurately determine the outcome of taking our products for every customer. Our products are made from herbs, vitamins, and minerals, and you will achieve the greatest results when combined with a healthy diet and light to moderate exercise. [top]

Are there any side effects when taking Renalis?

As with all nutritional supplements, there is potential for reaction.   Progressive Health ensures that all potential conflicts and side effects are listed on the product information pages.  However, we strongly recommend consulting with your physician if you suffer from any pre-existing conditions (other than general fatigue), known allergies, or if you are currently taking any medications.  Based on customer feedback, order history, and regular product overview, there has yet to be a report of any serious side effects resulting from the implementation of Progressive Health products into existing treatment programs. [top]

Do I need to use this supplement forever?

As with any supplementation program, it is wise to keep using the products on a daily basis to maintain results. [top]

What type of facility are your products made in?

Our products are manufactured in a GMP (good manufacturing practices) compliant facility. Our facility is also certified to produce pharmaceutical-grade products.

We have naturopathic physicians that work in conjunction with our product formulators to come up with the formulas for our product.

Every batch is tested for safety and assigned a batch number which is printed on the bottle. We keep product samples from each batch for 10 years for testing and questions. If you ever experience an unusual reaction, stop taking the product and send us the batch number so we can test the sample for safety. [top]

Do your customer service representatives have medical training?

Unfortunately, we do not have any medical training to diagnose a condition or symptoms you may have.  We can only suggest our all-natural products, each of which was designed for certain conditions.  For specific information about a condition, you may want to contact your medical professional or visit one of these websites:


Do you offer free samples?

 We do not have any free samples at this time, but we do have a risk free 6-month money-back guarantee if you would like to place an order. [top]

Can I stop taking my prescribed medication and start taking your supplement?

 Your doctor is best suited to answer this question. [top]

Do you do clinical studies?

 Although there have been no clinical studies on Progressive Health products as a whole, there are literally thousands of clinical studies that have been completed on the individual ingredients. We use the information for these individual studies on the ingredients to formulate our products. [top]

How do you come up with your formulas and where are your offices? 

All of our products are formulated according to independent clinical studies that test individual ingredients. We then cross-reference those studies with even more references. Once a formula has been born, it is then carefully evaluated to make sure the ingredients are in the right balance for your body.

Our company utilizes corporate offices in Ohio, Idaho, and California. All products are manufactured in a GMP (good manufacturing practices) compliant, FDA approved pharmaceutical-facility.

The people who work for our company are friendly and knowledgeable. All of our employees in the manufacturing facility are trained under strict guidelines to adhere to safety regulations. [top]

I'm afraid my doctor won't approve of your supplement, what should I do?

Let's face it, sometimes doctors just can't keep up with all of the research coming out on every product, drug, and ingredient. If your doctor is too busy to do research on questions he may have about our products, please have the questions forwarded to us. We have extensive resources we can access to look up drug interactions, disease conditions, and supplements. [top]

I have trouble taking pills.  What is the size of the capsule and can I mix it with food?

Some do consider the capsules large. However, the capsules can be easily broken apart and mixed with juice, pudding, yogurt, peanut butter, etc. [top]

Can I use this supplement for my pet?

Our products have not been tested for or on animals. Please consult your veterinarian before you give this product to your pet. [top]

Can I use this supplement while on birth control?

Some yes and some no. Please email us if you are on birth control and we can look up the ingredients in our products to check for interactions. [top]

Do your supplements expire?

Every bottle has an expiration date on the back of the bottle near the supplement facts. [top]

Are the supplements FDA approved?

In 1994 the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act permitted the sale of all safe supplements in the USA. Therefore no FDA approval is needed. If the FDA feels like an ingredient is too dangerous to be sold in supplements, they will place a ban on that particular ingredient. To learn more about this act, please visit the FDA's website here:



Can I use this product while I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant, think you might be pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breast-feeding an infant, we always suggest talking to your healthcare professional before starting our supplement program(s). You can find and print our supplement facts simply by visiting the page of the product you are interested in and clicking on the supplement facts link under Additional Information in the left navigation bar. [top]

Can I give this supplement to my children?

We do not recommend supplements for children under 6. Talk to your healthcare professional about the appropriate use of vitamins and minerals in children before you start them on a supplement program. [top]

Can I take this product while taking another supplement?

When taking multiple supplements be careful that you are not getting too much of the same ingredient. Compare the ingredients before you start two or more supplement programs, here is a helpful site that list tolerable dosages for virtually every supplement and herb: https://www.supplementnews.org/. Always consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist before starting a supplement program. [top]


Renalis Shipping and Billing Questions

What name will show up on my credit card?

Our company name will appear as Progressive Health Inc. [top]

Are your products in any stores?

Our products are not available in stores but can be purchased online at www.progressivehealth.com  or by calling us at 888-482-6460. Although we do not have any distributors in foreign countries (with the exception of the UK), we have successfully shipped to doorsteps around the world. [top]

How much is shipping in the US and what is the timeframe?

In the US we ship via DHL. We can ship either DHL Express listed as USA- Fastest (1 - 4 Day Delivery) with the cost of $9.97. Or we can ship DHL Ground listed as USA- Most Affordable (4 - 10 Day Delivery) with the cost of about $3.95. [top]

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Currently, we ship exclusively DHL. If you would like us to ship to a PO Box please choose ground shipping listed as USA- Most Affordable (4 - 10 Day Delivery) and we will arrange for your order to be shipped Priority Mail. However, your order may be delayed 1-2 days before it ships. [top]

Do you ship internationally and what is the cost and time frame?

We ship to your country via the US Postal service. We have 2 shipping options, 1 is Global Priority Mail for $12.95 with a time frame of 3-4 weeks. The other shipping option is Global Express Mail for $24.95 with a time from of 5-10 business days depending on customs. [top]

Is there tracking available with Global Priority Mail or Global Express Mail?

There is no tracking available with Global Priority Mail, but there is tracking with Global Express Mail. [top]

Do you ship orders to FPO/APO Addresses?

We do ship to FPO and APO addresses. However, our system is very sensitive to the billing address used. If you plan to ship to a location other than your billing address, please note that there is a potential for delay in the ordering process.  For your protection, orders will be held while our customer service center authenticates billing address and confirms the alternative shipping locale.  Orders will not be held for longer than 24 hours.  For state, use the following abbreviations when placing FPO/APO addressed orders:

  • Armed Forces Africa - AE
  • Armed Forces Americas - AA
  • Armed Forces Canada - AE
  • Armed Forces Europe - AE
  • Armed Forces Middle East - AE
  • Armed Forces Pacific - AP





Renalis may help you naturally pass small hard mineral deposits that have built up in your body.