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Restulex is a purely homeopathic formulation for treating restless leg syndrome. Although homeopaths do not provide general remedies for ailments, Restulex contains the most commonly prescribed remedies for restless leg syndrome. Is it effective? Read on to find out.

What is Restulex?

Restulex is an OTC, homeopathic formula for treating restless leg syndrome. It is sold by Hello Life and formulated according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United State which is approved by the FDA.

Restulex contains 14 homeopathic remedies stabilized in a proprietary oligotherapeutic water base to help improve their absorption. This formulation contains no addictive medications, no stimulants, and no steroids; it is easy to administer and because it is a liquid formulation, it acts quickly.

Each active ingredient of Restulex is supplied in 3 dilutions (10X, 30X, and LM1). The three concentrations of each active ingredient are supplied in equal amounts.

Restulex should be taken twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening.

This liquid formulation comes with a dropper. It can be directly dispensed into the mouth or mixed with a glass of water before drinking it.

Although it is primarily an oral formulation, Restulex can also be applied topically on the affected limbs.

How quickly Restulex provides relief for restless leg syndrome depends on each patient. However, most people experience relief in 3 – 6 months after commencing Restulex therapy. Restulex is safe for use for adults and children older than 2 years.

The ingredients of Restulex are natural and safe but they are not herbal remedies.

One of the differences between herbs and homeopathic remedies lie in doses. Homeopathic remedies use much smaller doses of herbs. Also, not all homeopathic remedies are herbs. Besides plants, homeopathic remedies such as some of the ones included in Restulex can also be obtained from animals, soil, and minerals.

The basic principle of homeopathy is to use very small doses of substances that would otherwise produce the symptoms to be treated in normal people. In a way, it treats with poisons.

However, homeopathy does not just treat symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are individualized. Therefore, homeopaths study each patient’s constitution before prescribing remedies.

For this reason, a homeopathic formulation such as Restulex must contain a wide range of homeopathic remedies commonly used for treating restless leg syndrome to be effective for as many patients as possible.

The oligotherapeutic base used in Restulex contains trace amounts of many organic minerals.

This base substitutes for alcohol which is commonly used as a solvent in traditional medicine. It helps stabilize the homeopathic remedies as well as deliver them to their sites of action in the body. The minerals in the base also contribute to and support the enzymatic processes and cellular metabolism taking place in the body.

The oligotherapeutic water base can help detoxify the body. Ideally, the detoxification process should proceed slowly and smoothly but some patients may experience symptoms such as mouth sores or watery stools. These side effects usually resolve within 24 hours.

It should be noted that Restulex is not a cure for Restless Leg Syndrome. It only qualifies as a drug in as much as homeopathic remedies are classified as drugs and not supplements.

Although Restulex is safe to use and generally well tolerated, it may cause homeopathic aggravation in some patients.

Homeopathic aggravation is the term used to describe the temporary worsening of symptoms after using homeopathic remedies. This is possible because, by their nature, homeopathic remedies can cause the symptoms of the conditions they treat in high doses.

Therefore, patients using Restulex should watch out for the worsening of the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

Restulex is not intended to serve as the sole treatment of restless leg syndrome. In fact, you need to consult your physician before using it. Also, even the manufacturer advises learning more about the ingredients if you do decide to use the remedy.

Below is a detailed summary of what you need to know about the active ingredients of Restulex.

Restulex Ingredients by RLS Symptom


  • Restlessness - Arsenicum album, Pulsatilla, Rhus Toxicodendron, Tarentula Hispana
  • Nightly aggravation - Arsenicum album
  • Restless legs - Bufo Rana, Causticum
  • Sleeplessness - Causticum, Lachesis mutus, Pulsatilla
  • Suddenly feeling startled when falling asleep - Lachesis mutus, Zincum metallicum


  • Cannot keep legs or feet still - Crotalus horridus, Lilium tigrinum, Tarentula Hispana, Zincum metallicum
  • Convulsive seizures during sleep- Bufo Rana
  • Extraordinary movements - Tarentula Hispana
  • Trembling - Arsenicum album, Sulphur, Viscum album, Zincum metallicum
  • Twitching - Arsenicum album, Sulphur, Tarentula Hispana, Zincum metallicum
  • Spasms - Arsenicum album
  • Unable to stop feet from moving - Chamomilla


  • Burning pains - Arsenicum album
  • Cramps in calves - Arsenicum album, Bufo Rana
  • Tearing pains in joints and bones - Causticum, Rhus Toxicodendron, Viscum album
  • Rheumatic pains - Chamomilla, Digitalis purpurea, Rhus Toxicodendron
  • Legs ache - Lilium tigrinum
  • Pain in legs - Pulsatilla
  • Pain in feet - Viscum album
  • Pain in ankle - Viscum album
  • Pain in the knee - Viscum album
  • Stiffness in knees and ankles - Sulphur


  • Numbness of limbs - Bufo Rana, Crotalus horridus
  • Numbness of legs - Causticum, Tarentula Hispana
  • Paralysis of legs - Arsenicum album, Chamomilla, Crotalus horridus, Rhus Toxicodendron
  • Tingling in feet - Rhus Toxicodendron


  • Burning of feet - Lilium tigrinum, Sulphur
  • Swelling of feet - Arsenicum album, Digitalis purpurea, Pulsatilla
  • Swollen knees - Pulsatilla
  • Swelling of Joints - Rhus Toxicodendron

Ingredients of Restulex

Arsenicum album

Arsenicum album is an extremely dilute homeopathic remedy made from arsenic.

The arsenic used in homeopathy is separated from other metals such as iron and cobalt with which it occurs. Then it is successively diluted with a lot of lactose.

Normally, arsenic is a metallic poison that accumulates in the tissues and can cause gastrointestinal disorder, dehydration, and pain. Therefore, it is effective for relieving the muscular pain caused by restless leg syndrome.

Arsenicum album is also useful for treating this syndrome because it is the homeopathic remedy of choice for treating anxiety and oversensitivity which can present as restlessness.

Bufo Rana

Bufo Rana is the homeopathic remedy prepared from the poison of a true toad, Bufo.

The toad toxin contains bufotoxin which can act on the central nervous system including the brain to cause hallucination.

Bufo Rana is the homeopathic remedy of choice for treating epilepsy and night time seizures. Since it controls the shuddering movements that resemble those seen with Parkinson’s disease, this remedy has also been used to treat Parkinson’s and restless leg syndrome.


Causticum is known as potassium hydroxide in chemistry. This homeopathic remedy is prepared by mixing slaked lime with sulfate of potash.

Causticum is used in homeopathy to treat diseases involving symptoms corresponding to weakened nerves and muscles. It is used to treat people whose constitutions make them nervous, serious, irrational, or hyperactive.

This remedy is commonly used to treat muscle tremors like the ones experienced during episodes of restless leg syndrome. It can also help reduce the painful sensation associated with the syndrome.


German chamomile is the homeopathic remedy referred to as chamomilla.

It is prepared by crushing the whole plant and diluting the extract after filtering it.

Chamomilla is especially useful for soothing children. It reduces restlessness and can relieve pain, anxiety, and stress. Chamomilla is also used to treat patients who experience insomnia, nervous dreams, and restless sleep.

Crotalus horridus

Crotalus horridus is the homeopathic remedy obtained from the venom of rattlesnakes.

It is used for treating several conditions including bleeding, stroke, heart diseases, and throat infections.

However, its use in the treatment of restless leg syndrome is due to its ability to calm delirium. Therefore, Crotalus horridus can provide relief for irritability, anxiety, and insomnia, all of which can cause restlessness.

Digitalis purpurea

Digitalis purpurea is better known as foxglove. It contains the cardiac glycoside known as digitoxin and it is primarily used to treat heart diseases.

However, digitalis purpurea helps calm arrhythmia, even out blood circulation, and reduces the painful spasms associated with angina. Therefore, homeopaths use it to treat palpitations and provide relief for those who suffer from nervousness and insomnia.

Lachesis mutus

Lachesis mutus is the homeopathic remedy obtained from the fresh venom of the South American bushmaster snake.

Its preparation, properties, and uses are similar to those of Crotalus horridus, another remedy obtained from snake venom.

Lilium tigrinum

Lilium tigrinum is the homeopathic remedy obtained from the ornamental plant called tiger lily.

This is a common homeopathic remedy for women especially for relieving pain. It is used for treating pain in frenzied, passionate, and restless women.

This remedy is believed to help support and stimulate the functioning of the cells of the nervous system. It reduces nervous tension especially when the nervousness is caused by hormonal imbalances.


Pulsatilla is a homeopathic remedy prepared from pasque flower plants also called windflower.

They are especially effective for people who experience mood swings. Pulsatilla is useful for relieving rheumatic pains among other benefits. Therefore, they can help reduce the painful restless of the legs, especially during cold weather.

Rhus Toxicodendron

This homeopathic remedy is taken from poison ivy.

The major component of poison ivy is Toxicodendron acid which is most potent in the plant at night and during cold months. These poisonous compounds cause several symptoms including headache, nausea, fever, itchy rash, and delirium.

Therefore, as a homeopathic remedy, it is used to treat restlessness, fever, and swelling.

Besides these, this remedy can also be used to reduce muscle spasms and joint pains. It is one of the specific homeopathy remedies for treating restless leg syndrome and other musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis and rheumatism.


Sulfur is a trace mineral especially needed in the syntheses of amino acids and proteins used in the formation of the hair, skin, and muscles.

Because of its importance in the formation of collagen, the chief protein used in making the connective tissues of the body, sulfur is used to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis. By improving arthritic symptoms, it can also improve symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

Tarentula Hispana

This is the homeopathic remedy prepared from the whole live wolf spider which is also called the Spanish spider.

This remedy is used to treat itching and pain in people who are constitutionally restless and hyperactive.

The set of symptoms that homeopaths use this remedy to treat include shuddering, jerking, and shaking limbs as well as an inability to stay still for long. All of these are classic symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

Viscum album

Viscum album is the homeopathic remedy obtained from mistletoe.

Mistletoe contains toxins such as viscotoxin and phoratoxins as well as toxic glycosides and alkaloids.

Phytochemicals in the plant are also known to possess important medicinal properties such as diuretic, purgative, hypotensive, immunomodulatory, antispasmodic, and calming effects. The last two properties are useful for providing relief for restless leg syndrome.

Viscum album also relieves nervousness and insomnia.

Zincum Metallicum

Zinc is a trace mineral in the body. It is needed for some vital biochemical processes in the body.

Zinc is used in homeopathy to treat hysteria, fever, convulsions, and neuralgia. It is another specific homeopathic remedy for treating restless leg syndrome as well as Parkinson’s disease. To do this, zinc dampens muscle spasms and contractions to reduce involuntary movement of the limbs.

Is Restulex Effective?

Reviews on the manufacturer’s website show that Restulex is effective for most of its users. Given the number of remedies included in this oral formulation, it is clear to see why Restulex works for most people who have used them.

However, homeopathic remedies are individualized. Therefore, a set of fixed remedies will not work for everyone with restless leg syndrome.

Restulex takes time to produce noticeable results. Those suffering from severe restless leg syndrome may not have the patience to wait for this long.

Therefore, Restulex is best given to those with mild to moderate symptoms. It should also be combined with other restless leg syndrome medications to produce better results. However, such a combination may produce drug interactions. Therefore, care should be taken and Restulex should only be used following your physician’s approval.

Restulex should only be used as a supplementary treatment. It does not contain fast-acting ingredients.

None of the active ingredients of Restulex target the dopaminergic pathway or address iron deficiency. Since these are the two known targets of restless leg syndrome therapy, Restulex cannot produce significant and quick results without increasing dopamine and iron levels in the brain.

Therefore, Restulex may reduce muscle spasms, pain, and insomnia but it is only effective for treating some of the symptoms of restless leg syndrome and not the root cause.





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