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5 Thyroid Support Groups

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Joining thyroid support groups is an integral part in the healing and wellness of any hypothyroidism patient. Have you joined a thyroid support group already?

Thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism are conditions that cannot be cured. While most forms of thyroid disorders can be managed, patients suffering from these conditions have to deal with treatment throughout their lifetime.

Aside from medications and treatments – support groups are also recommended for people suffering from thyroid disorders.

What Are Thyroid Support Groups?

A support group refers to a group of people who share the same situation, disease, or condition. They meet regularly to discuss and share similar things such as their experiences, health issues, coping mechanisms, and other things related to their conditions.

The support group does not just work as a meeting place but also serves as therapy for patients where they can be themselves without worrying about what other people think about their condition.

The support group usually involves several members and a facilitator. It is usually set in a comfortable meeting place where drinks and snacks are served. There are a lot of support groups for different conditions, and this includes Thyroid Support Groups.

List of Thyroid Support Groups

There are plenty of thyroid support groups all over the world. There are online groups and groups which really meet in person. 

List Of Thyroid Support Groups
ThyroPhoenix Thyroid Support Group
Thyroid Australia
Thyroid UK
New Zealand Thyroid Support Group
Coalition For Better Thyroid Care

ThyroPhoenix Thyroid Support Group - The ThyroPhoenix Thyroid Support Groups have several online avenues where you can share, talk about your condition, and be heard. You can subscribe to their Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, and Care 2 Care Groups, too. These groups are online forums allowing you to meet and talk to people with hypothyroidism from all over the world.

Thyroid Australia – Thyroid Australia is a voluntary organization that provides information and support to patients suffering from hypothyroidism. Members can post and share stories online, but they also hold public meetings in different parts of Australia regularly. Upcoming meetings and schedules are available on the group’s official website.

Thyroid UK – Thyroid UK is a non-profit organization that promotes awareness and proper treatment of thyroid disorders. They have a support network consisting of local support groups, online support groups, and telephone support groups. You can find more contact information from their official website.

New Zealand Thyroid Support Group – This support group is for New Zealanders who suffer from thyroid disorders. The group provides individuals the opportunities to meet, share and talk about their experiences. They also hold fundraising activities to support research.

Coalition For Better Thyroid Care – Established in 2010, the Coalition for Better Thyroid Care is dedicated to a better understanding of thyroid care and treatment. They have a Facebook Page and a mailing list, and also offer guides on how to find support groups near you or how to begin one.

Can’t Find A Support Group?

Sometimes, it can be hard to find a thyroid support group near you. While there are plenty of forums and online support groups that you can subscribe to, sometimes it is different if you really talk to and meet people in person. You can start your own support group within your district or vicinity. Aside from helping yourself, you are also helping other people with the same condition as you.

Benefits of Thyroid Support Groups

If you have hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, you may wonder why you have to look for thyroid support groups. Well, there are different benefits in joining a thyroid support group, and these include:

The Feeling of Belongingness  

One benefit of joining a thyroid support group is that it helps you realize that you are not the only one battling with thyroid problems.

Hence, you are not alone. Because thyroid problems are usually lifelong conditions – it can be a difficult burden to carry – but knowing that you are not alone may lighten the burden.

Social Interaction and Expression  

Thyroid support groups allow you to express yourself by sharing your experiences, fears, and worries related to your thyroid problem. It may not be easy to share these things with someone in the first place – especially with those who do not understand your condition.

In a thyroid support group – the members also experience the same thing as you do – so sharing and interaction does not have to be difficult or awkward at all.

Release of Emotions

Being in a thyroid support group also allows you to release your emotions. It may be difficult to release your emotions to your family members or friends – and seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist might be expensive. Joining a thyroid support group allows you to express your feelings and emotions without the expensive cost.

The thyroid support group is the only venue which you can do such without worrying about being judged by others.

Boost of Emotional and Psychological Esteem

With thyroid support groups, you can share and express your feelings which may help you feel lighter and better about yourself. This can lead to a reduction of stress and anxiety. When you share yourself with others, you begin to feel good about your situation.

Also, being in a group and observing the progress that each member has may offer a flicker of hope and give a boost of optimism that there is indeed hope for you or anyone inflicted with the condition. When you do it alone, it may seem unbearable. But when you do it as a group, facing challenges together will make the burden easier.


In thyroid support groups, you may achieve positive reinforcement. Sharing with people and listening to what others have to say may give you the hope and emotional support that you need. 

Because people get to share your experiences, you may get some helpful information that you can also apply in your life. You may also get to meet a lot of people who have successfully managed their conditions and you can also get motivation from them, too.

Promotes Emotionally and Psychological Healing

The most important thing that thyroid support groups give is the venue for emotional and psychological healing. While medication may help heal you physically, medications do not necessarily help you heal emotionally and psychologically.

Emotional and psychological healing will come from your release of emotions which is usually done through sharing.

Finding support groups is easy – you can always check out the internet to find information. You can also check out your local newspapers, special health magazines or ask your endocrinologist for recommendations of thyroid support groups that are located near your area. If there are no thyroid support groups in your area, you can actually make your own or make use of the numerous groups, websites, and forums where you can find support online.

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