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Actimine is a natural remedy for acne that helps reduce oily skin, limit breakouts, and stop pimples from forming. Learn how this acne remedy can help clear your skin.
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Acne (acne vulgaris) is among the most common of all skin disorders, affecting nearly 85% of all people living in the United States alone. Unfortunately, myths concerning acne are just as popular as the condition itself.

For example; have you ever been advised to avoid certain foods to prevent a breakout, or repetitively washed your face, hoping a cleaner face would stop the development of pimples? How about increasing water intake and exercise? If you said yes to one, or even all of these questions, its likely that using various techniques to prevent the onset of acne is of primary importance in your "daily grind."

Although acne is not considered a serious detriment to one's health, the psychological trauma and general feelings of inferiority caused by the condition can prove devastating.

Both of these facts emphasize the importance of developing an understanding as to what actually causes the condition, and applying the proper treatment options when acne "breakouts" do occur.


WHAT Can Help Reduce Breakouts?

The following publications have reported how supplements (like the supplements included in our Natural Remedy for Acne - Actimine) help reduce acne breakouts:
24 Doctors participated in this trial of "Vitamin A and Acne Vulgaris" and 80 patients attended for the first photograph.

Researchers found that vitamin A alone yielded positive results on acne in 34% of the patients participating in the study. [Full PDF Article]
In one study, taking Guggul orally had the same effect on acne as taking tetracycline (the most widely prescribed antibiotic for acne). [Full Article]
In the Article Vitamins & Minerals for Healthy Blemish Free Skin: Vitamin E is an antioxidant that enhances healing and tissue repair. [Full Article]
There was a 2/3 reduction in acne lesions and fewer side effects reported within the zinc remedy group than the group taking monocyline. [Full Article]



WHO gets Acne?

Causes of Acne:

Although the exact cause of Acne remains unknown, doctors believe that the condition is a result of several factors.

Genetics and hormonal fluctuations, are considered the primary culprits; while stress, dietary factors, over washing of the face, and use of pore-clogging cosmetics are still being evaluated as potential causes.

However, it is likely that all are interrelated, as persons with moderate to severe acne often exhaust all preliminary (e.g. face washes and creams) and secondary (e.g. medications) treatment options.

Signs and Symptoms:

Acne presents as external lesions upon a given area of body tissue. Comedomes, or blackheads and whiteheads, are the least severe of all legions.

A blackhead refers to a comedo (plural comedomes) that is open, and the whitehead, or "zit," is one that is closed.

The more severe lesions include papules and pustules, as well as the most painful of all lesions, nodules and cysts. The latter two (nodules and cysts) often initiate a response by the individual to receive consultation from a dermatologist because of varying levels of discomfort.

Cysts and nodules can also manifest simultaneously as a combined, more severe form of acne known as Nodulocystic acne. Macules refer to a temporary, residual red or pink spot left by a healed lesion.

Who Gets Pimples?

Statistically, Adolescents are the greatest demographic affected regardless of sex, race, or ethnicity.

In fact, approximately 80% of all persons between the ages of 12 and 17 will develop an occasional pimple or "breakout."

Acne is usually diagnosed beginning at the age 10, and subsequent diagnosis may persist for decades. For a small percentage, this condition can prove troublesome throughout adulthood, even into the late twenties, thirties, and beyond.

Men and women are equally affected by acne.

However, men are much more prone to developing more severe forms of acne. They are also less likely to seek medical attention. On the other hand, women may be at a greatest risk for intermittent acne cause by hormonal changes associated with the application of oil-containing cosmetics and normal menstruation.

Other than sex, heredity is considered a strong contributing factor for acne and acne-related conditions.



HOW Do I Limit Breakouts?


Acne Research:

The majority of acne sufferers overlook a critical influence for acne development - adequate nutrient intake.

Research is currently being conducted and is studying the mechanisms responsible for regulating natural sebum production to help identify ways to effectively reduce its production.

Other studies are aimed at developing immunological interventions to prevent the onset of acne-related symptoms.


Acne Remedy - Actimine:

Actimine's proprietary blend of ingredients has been designed with this latest research in mind, helping to manage the primary causes of acne from the inside while promoting allure on the skin's surface.

Here are just a few of the ingredients in Actimine that help limit Acne breakouts: 

Vitamin A

Like many treatments using vitamin A derivatives, Actimine too employs vitamin A to provide a reduction in sebum production and buildup of keratin within the follicles.


Zinc is an important nutrient of total skin health and is also included in Progressive Health's synergistic acne formula.

Zinc gluconate, one of the most effective forms of zinc, aids in hormonal management; furthering a reduction in both sebum and keratin - two primary causes of acne formation.

MSM and Guggul

Methylsulfonyl Methane and Gum Guggul extract improve the permeability of cell walls, allowing the nutrients to be deposited in the many cellular structures affected by this condition.

Gum Guggul has proven so effective in one clinical trial, in fact, that 20 patients exhibited better improvements in skin health when compared to other treatments.

The benefits of the active ingredients included in Actimine will compliment your current treatment program for the management of acne without the fear of debilitating or discomforting side effects.



9/10 customers are SATISFIED*

Based on returns, testimonials, complaints, and feedback

*I have bouts of acne even though I am middle-aged. Finding a vitamin for acne that worked has always been a challenge. Your ACTIMINE works for me! Thank you!

- Barbara S.

*I was invited to be a maid of honor in my sisters' wedding. Wanting to look my best, I purchased a few bottles of Actimine to try.

I have been using a well known topical acne system which helped some but left a lot to be desired. I have taken your product for 4 weeks and am receiving complements on my clear skin! I have struggled with acne for 18 years and now the end is here! Thank you !

- Jenny Allred

*I am writing to tell you I am ELATED with your Actimine product! I have been an acne sufferer for 20 years.

I've tried EVERYTHING on the market and prescription medications (except Acutane which just frightened me too much). Everything dried my normally dry skin even more and the acne cleared up slightly at best. As I've grown older and am now in my 30's, the acne resided mainly in my jawline, chin and occasionally on my cheeks.

I knew my acne had to be cleared from the inside out and I knew it was related to my hormones.

Well, after using your vitamin for acne, my skin looks AMAZING! I can not believe the radical difference I've seen in 30 days. I can actually go out without makeup and feel confident about my skin! That has never happened to me. I feel like a prisoner who has been freed. I must admit, I keep waiting for another breakout.

It just seems too good to be true. Saying thank you could never be enough. Your product has changed my life. I am forever grateful.

-Corrine Harney

*I’m 25 years old and I have had a problem keeping my face clear of acne since I’ve been about 13-14.

I’ve literally tried every product to keep my face clear and any breakouts under control. I started using Proactiv and it did well to keep my face clean of big blemishes, but it still didn’t get the fine acne.

A friend of mine gave me bottle of a product they were using and told me try it out.

Within 2 weeks the fine acne on my nose and forehead was almost completely gone. Because of the results, I ordered my own supply soon after. I’ve been using the product for over a month now and daily maintenance to keep my face looking clean is so much easier and my skin looks dramatically healthier.

I highly recommend Actimine to anyone! I’m now a customer of progressivehealth.com for life! Thank you for producing such a quality product!

-Brian Davi Boise, Idaho




Actimine Supplement Facts

Serving Size 3 Capsules Amount Per Serving Daily Value
Servings Per Container 30
Vitamin A 5000 IU 100%
Selenium 50 mcg 70%
Vitamin E 200 IU 667%
Zinc 10 mg 66%
Methylsulfonyl Methane 1500 mg *
Gum Guggul Ext. 50 mg *

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule (Hypromellose), Rice Powder, Magnesium Stearate.

*Daily Value Not Established




These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Results may vary from person to person.


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