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Anuice is an FDA approved cold applicator for hemorrhoid treatment. It is a small piece of plastic similar to cold packs for meal coolers and ice chests. Applied to hemorrhoidal tissue, it shrinks the blood vessels, temporarily bringing pain relief. However, Anuice may bring pain to the pocketbook. It costs $40 USD (2012).

Anuice is an FDA- approved medical device for the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is a cold applicator made from hospital grade plastic.

Anuice devices are placed in the freezer to freeze. They are then inserted into the anus for eight to ten minutes to provide temporary relief from the pain caused by hemorrhoids. The cold temperature causes inflamed blood vessels to shrink somewhat.

Anuice comes with four different applicator tips for comfort. There is a sanitary storage container and a bottle of water- based gel lubricant to help with insertion as well. In 2012, an Anuice kit retails for around $40 USD.

How it Works

Anuice works exactly like ice. It reduces swelling in the same way ice reduces swelling in any kind of injury. The one advantage Anuice has over ice is that the applicator top can be inserted into the anus to help reduce the swelling in internal hemorrhoids.

Like ice, Anuice must be placed back into the freezer to refreeze. It must be used several times a day over several days in order to be effective. Using Anuice only one time may bring a minimum amount of relief, but the hemorrhoids do not go away.

Pregnant users say they appreciate the fact that Anuice does not contain any drugs and is safe for use during pregnancy.

Critics of Anuice say that it is just a small plastic bottle with some freezing gel and is not worth $40. Critics also say that crushed ice in a plastic Ziploc bag works just as well as Anuice for external hemorrhoids.

The Anuice website states that the divide works “just like ice” to shrink hemorrhoids.

The directions recommend applying Anuice to mild hemorrhoids two to four times a day for about five to eight minutes each time. Alternatively, hemorrhoid sufferers could use two different applicators one or two times a day for ten or fifteen minutes, for a minimum of five days and up to a month.

For more serious cases of hemorrhoids, the Anuice manufacturers recommend applying the device several times a day for at least ten minutes each, both internally and externally.

The plastic used in Anuice is medical or hospital grade plastic. It is the same plastic used in plastic tubing for IVs, enemas, and suctioning devices. This plastic is also used in sterilizing trays, blood sample tubes, and pumps.

The lubrication that comes with Anuice is water based. When placed on the frozen plastic device, users say this lubrication does not work very well. Many customers say to use a different kind of lubricator.

The manufacturers of Anuice clearly state that this device does not prevent new hemorrhoids from forming. It simply uses cold temperatures to cause the blood in the anal blood vessels to recede back into the body the way ice does.

In fact, the manufacturer’s website states that the causes of hemorrhoids must be stopped in order for the product to work (i.e.; sitting for long periods, constipation).


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