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Cure Hemorrhoids with Bael

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Do you have painful, swollen hemorrhoids? You may have never heard about this cure, but bael fruit and bael supplements can be quite effective at reducing painful hemorrhoid symptoms. Find out more about this amazing fruit below.

There are many hemorrhoids remedies- some internal and some external.

Hemorrhoids are the small veins inside the anus that occasionally swell and descend outside of the rectum. This is painful and can lead to itching, bleeding, and general pain. Hemorrhoids are caused by a variety of conditions, but constipation is one main cause of the issue.

Ordinarily, most people look for external healing for hemorrhoids once they flare up, but many internal remedies may be more effective in the long run for preventing hemorrhoids from flaring up again.

Approaching the condition from the inside out is more effective at treating the condition than simply addressing the problem once it starts to hurt. Many supplements are highly effective at healing and preventing hemorrhoids, including bael, butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, bilberry, and more.

How Do Supplements Heal Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids (sometimes called piles) are simply irritated veins in the rectum. When the veins get enlarged, they become painful and itchy. Most cases of hemorrhoids are caused by straining the bowels during elimination. Basically, the veins swell and are unable to return to their normal location. Other contributing factors include obesity, lifting heavy objects, and sitting or standing for extended periods. Anything that places undue pressure on the area can make the problem worse.

Most internal supplements for hemorrhoids heal the body by reducing inflammation, preventing constipation, and easing elimination. Many herbal supplements are highly effective at treating hemorrhoids, even after they have popped up and become painful. Many of these herbs are beneficial both internally and externally. Use them internally to prevent hemorrhoid flare-ups. Use them externally to soothe the area after a flare-up occurs.

Benefits of Hemorrhoid Supplements

Strengthen Blood Vessels: Strengthening the blood vessels prevents hemorrhoids from forming by helping them stay where they belong by adding additional elasticity in the area.

Reduce Inflammation: This benefit is self-explanatory. Reduced inflammation helps prevent swelling and irritation at the area.

Promote Digestion: A healthy digestive system prevents constipation and also strengthens the entire GI tract.

Soften Stool: Fiber is one of the best ingredients to keep stool soft so it can pass easily through the bowels. The easier it is to pass stool, the less likely it is that hemorrhoids will form.


Supplements That Reduce Hemorrhoid Pain


Bael is a somewhat unknown remedy that can be effective at relieving hemorrhoid symptoms. Bael (also called aegle marmelos, wood apple, or bilva) is actually part of the citrus family. Bael is yellow in color, shaped like a pear, and has a pulpy fruit on the inside with many black seeds like an apple. The fruit and leaves are known for their medicinal properties.

Bael has been used to treat many conditions, including constipation, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, and even high cholesterol. The leaves contain anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Bael can help fight hemorrhoids both internally and externally. Bael comes in capsule form, or you can find the fruit at some grocery stores around the world. Externally, bael is boiled with ginger and fennel and applied to hemorrhoids for soothing relief. Internally, bael improves digestion and prevents constipation. Read more about the benefits of Bael for hemorrhoids below.

Oat Straw

Oat straw contains a significant amount of fiber. Fiber promotes healthy bowel movements and can prevent stool build-up in the intestines. Oat fiber is also able to help prevent toxins from binding to stool, leading to a healthier intestinal tract. Oat straw is equally effective at soothing irritable bowel syndrome and preventing constipation. Oat straw mixed with warm water also has a soothing effect on hemorrhoid flare-ups.

Cascara Sagrada

Cascara sagrada is a Native American traditional remedy for hemorrhoids and constipation. The bark extract is used to promote healthy digestion and prevent hemorrhoids from forming. Researchers have identified that it is the anthraquinone derivatives in the bark that help with digestion. The derivatives help stimulate contractions in the bowel to encourage elimination. The herb also promotes softer stool. In a study of elderly patients, it was found that taking cascara sagrada reduced constipation in study participants.


Bilberry is a commonly-used herb for treating hemorrhoids internally in Europe. Bilberry contains anthocyanosides, which have similar effects as oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes. These complexes are used for treating a variety of conditions, including bruising and hemorrhoids. A small study from 1975 looked at how bilberry could benefit hemorrhoid sufferers. Researchers found that supplementing with bilberry was highly effective at treating hemorrhoid symptoms.


According to research, mullein can be helpful in treating a variety of conditions. The flower and leaves are effective in treating hemorrhoids. Mullein contains mucilage, which helps soothe irritated membranes. Mullein is also highly anti-inflammatory, which can help ease the pain of hemorrhoid flare-ups.

Butcher’s Broom

Butcher’s broom contains many helpful remedies for a variety of conditions. Supplementing with butcher’s broom can help tighten veins and tissues, which cause hemorrhoids to descend. Butcher’s broom also contains rutin, that strengthens capillaries and glycolic acid, which aids in elimination. Few studies have looked at butcher’s boom for hemorrhoids, but studies show that butcher’s broom is effective at reducing varicose veins, and hemorrhoids are simply varicose veins in a different place.

How Bael Heals Hemorrhoids

Bael is one of the most effective herbal supplements for hemorrhoids. When combined with other hemorrhoid-fighting supplements, you may never have to worry about painful hemorrhoid flare-ups again. Find out how bael heals hemorrhoids below.

A 2012 study from Bharathi Women’s College in India looked at the benefits of bael for hemorrhoids. The researchers found that bael contains many beneficial ingredients that make hemorrhoids disappear. The main benefit of bael is its laxative effect (caused by tannins, which also fight cancer). It is easy to prevent constipation when you take a mild laxative. Bael also contains rutin (just like butcher’s broom) which contains quercetin and rutinose. Rutin improves the permeability of blood vessels and capillaries. Rutin also promotes blood circulation and fights varicose veins and hemorrhoids by improving the health of the veins themselves.

Quercetin is a flavonoid that prevents gastric mucosal lesions and increases neutral glycoproteins in the stomach. This helps retain mucous in the stomach and intestines that make elimination easier. Quercetin is the most abundant of the flavonoid molecules and it is found in many medicinal plants. It has been reported to prevent gastric mucosal lesions induced by ethanol in some studies.

A 2011 study from Jaipur National University found that bael is also anti-inflammatory. Mice given bael supplements showed reduced inflammation versus mice given a placebo supplement.

How to Use Bael for Hemorrhoids

Bael can be used internally and externally when treating hemorrhoids. Try the following uses for bael if you suffer from hemorrhoids:


Eat the ripe pulp of bael to promote healthy digestion. You can also take powdered bael supplements for a similar effect. Doses range from 2-12 grams of powder, 28-56 milliliters of liquid bael decoction, or 12-20 milliliters through liquid infusion.


Create a decoction of bael pulp or powder, fennel, and ginger. Use the decoction for soothing hemorrhoid relief in a bath or applied directly to the skin as a poultice.

Risks and Side Effects

Although bael is a fruit, and there are no serious side effects, there could be some possible risks of taking large doses of the fruit or fruit powder. Taking too much of the supplement could result in digestive problems. Some cases of constipation have been reported when individuals take large doses of bael.

Bael may lower blood sugar and interfere with thyroid drugs and hormones. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take bael. Traditionally, bael leaves were taken to induce abortion and sterilize women.

Bael could interfere with diabetes medications and may cause problems in diabetic patients. Consult with a doctor before taking bael if you have diabetes.

Taking Supplements to Cure Hemorrhoids

While external remedies can be effective at treating hemorrhoids, if you do not stop the issue at the source, then you will suffer from the same condition again and again. Research has shown that taking supplements internally can fight against many of the common causes of hemorrhoids, like constipation, weak veins, and inflammation.

Taking supplements with bael and other hemorrhoid-fighting ingredients is one simple way to improve the effectiveness of any anti-hemorrhoid routine. Combine internal methods with external methods to heal your current flare-ups and prevent future flare-ups from occurring.





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