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ADHD Treatments: 6 Ways to Naturally Treat ADHD

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Here are 6 effective methods to alleviate ADHD symptoms naturally.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is one of the most common developmental disorders found in children and can continue through adolescence and adulthood. 

ADHD symptoms are characterized by difficulty concentrating and paying attention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, restlessness, and irritability. 

There are several stimulant medications available to treat ADHD, but they come with several side effects such as sleep problems, loss of appetite, repetitive movements, or tics. 

The best drugs used for treating ADHD work for about 70% of those diagnosed with the disorder. These drugs may look promising in the short term but new evidence is establishing the fact that the drugs do cause significant side effects in the long term.

The US Food and Drug Administration specifically identified stunted growth and psychiatric complications as common side effects of ADHD drugs. This should come as no surprise considering the way these drugs work.

ADHD drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin stimulate certain centers in the brain causing the release of neurotransmitters and other brain chemicals such as norepinephrine and dopamine.

Since these drugs do not actually cure ADHD, they need to be taken indefinitely. The cumulative effect on the brain is overstimulation.

Chemical overstimulation of the central nervous system invariably worsens the symptoms of ADHD even though these drugs are effective at the beginning of therapies.

Natural treatments of ADHD, on the other hand, are far less harsh and mostly involve interventions besides medications.

Alternative medicine approaches ADHD a little differently from modern medicine. Instead of suppressing and stimulating different chemicals in the brain with drugs, alternative medicine takes a holistic approach including everything from exercises to diets to herbs.

However, since ADHD drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall have been extensively researched and demonstrated to work, you should consider combining them with natural treatments to provide the best benefits.

With natural treatments, it is possible to reduce the dosage of ADHD drugs and still achieve the same outcomes. The benefits of combing both approaches include lowering the risks of long-term side effects and cost of treatment as well as achieving better control of the condition.

Many individuals and parents opt for natural ADHD treatments to alleviate the symptoms. Here are some natural ADHD treatments to consider:

1. Natural Remedies For ADHD: 

You can supplement your medical treatment with natural remedies and changes in diet and lifestyle to effectively alleviate ADHD symptoms. 

Avoid foods that contain artificial preservatives and additives. You should also check your consumption of wheat, corn, dairy, and nut-based products as these may cause allergies. 

You must consume fresh vegetables and foods that contain iron, zinc, magnesium, and other essential vitamins. 

Consider using California Poppy, a natural and gentle sedative that eases psychological and emotional disorders in children. Green oats is another effective home remedy for ADHD treatment as it can calm the brain and the nerves. 

You can use other herbs such as valerian, lemon balm, lobelia, hawthorn, rooibos, Scutellaria, Avena sativa, German chamomile, Gotu Kola, and ginkgo biloba. 

These natural remedies are sold in their final forms or can be prepared at home. They are available as teas and tinctures.

How these herbs work has not been extensively studied even though they are deemed effective for ADHD. Proof of their efficacy can be inferred from years of use and the many people who have benefited from their use. These herbs contain plant chemicals that naturally nourish and calm the nervous system. 

It should be noted that children should use smaller doses of these herbs than adults do (the rule of thumb is one-third of adult doses).

Furthermore, it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting on herbal treatments since there is always a chance that they could interact with some of the other medications you are already taking.

2. Herbs for ADHD - Herbal Remedies: 

There are certain herbs and herbal medicines that are known to alleviate ADHD symptoms and promote overall emotional well-being in children and adults. 

Valerian root may be used to alleviate ADHD symptoms such as anxiety and hyperactivity. 
Chamomile is a natural herb, primarily known to support relaxation and promote an overall sense of calmness and emotional well-being. 
Kava kava is used as a natural sedative to relieve tension, anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness in children. 

Valerian root may be used to alleviate ADHD symptoms such as anxiety and hyperactivity. Chamomile is a natural herb, primarily known to support relaxation and promote an overall sense of calmness and emotional well-being. 

Kava kava is used as a natural sedative to relieve tension, anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness in children. Some of the other popular herbs are Siberian ginseng, lemon balm, skullcap, and Hawthorne. 

3. Vitamins & Attention Vitamins: 

Daily intake of vitamins and minerals can help alleviate the effects of ADHD and promote mental focus, clarity, and overall well-being in both children and adults. 

Zinc is known to regulate the activity of brain chemicals, melatonin, and fatty acids, all of which are connected to behavior. Magnesium calms the central nervous system, which is essential in children with hyperactivity symptoms. 

Studies have proven that B Vitamins such as B6 and B12 are slightly more effective than the traditional ADHD medications in treating this condition. 

4. Natural ADHD Supplements: 

If you are looking for a natural ADHD treatment, then consider taking supplements to alleviate the symptoms. 

DMAE is known to increase the production of brain chemicals. Melatonin calms the body and induces sleep.

You may also consider taking iron, zinc, and magnesium supplements to treat attention disorders naturally. 

5. Diet and Nutrition

Clearly, certain foods worsen the symptoms of ADHD. Sugary foods and refined foods are particularly implicated in this way.

Also, certain food additives including common preservatives and dyes used in the food industry could trigger bad episodes of ADHD. Therefore, people diagnosed with ADHD are advised to avoid such foods.

Instead, “brain foods” such as those containing Omega 3 fatty acids should be added to the diet. The B vitamins and fish oil capsules are also potent supplements for treating ADHD.

6. Non-Drug Interventions

Relaxation, especially during stressful times of the day, works for ADHD patients. Consider relaxation as physically calming the body.

This means the nervous system processes far fewer stimuli and is trained to focus in similar situations. There are different means of achieving this relaxed state; massage is one way to do this but also simply lying still will do.

Hyperactivity is a response to the many choices in the environment of those diagnosed with ADHD. To prevent this breakdown, it is important to establish routines.

This kind of regularity can be achieved by creating and following a timetable. If your kid has ADHD, it is important to create some sort of structure around their activities.

These timed activities not only help train people diagnosed with ADHD to calm down and regularly perform tasks but also help funnel the excess energy into useful work.

The most common modern technologies competing for our attention include TV, the internet, computer games, and cell phones.

These provide a constant stream of electronic stimulation which divides the attention with hyper-fast interactions to satisfy short attention spans. In this way, they become addictive especially for people with ADHD.

Product Reviews: 

Listol is an effective natural supplement used for concentration and focus, in both children and adults. The ingredients include vitamin b6, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphatidylserine, GABA powder, DMAE bitartrate, and huperzine; an extract.

Learning Factors, developed by Natural Factors is known to help children with attention disorders. It contains essential fatty acid, evening primrose oil, thyme oil, vitamin E, and dolphin-friendly tuna oil. 

ADD-care is a natural homeopathic remedy that provides effective support for the symptoms of ADHD. It offers a range of formulas including Pure and Pure with Bacopa, Original Formula, and Original Formula with Bacopa. 

Native Remedies’ Focus Formula is a natural herbal remedy to help children and adults with ADHD symptoms. The main ingredients include wild oats, skullcap, Gotu Kola, German chamomile, ginkgo biloba, and rooibos. 

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